Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Four clever girls in Room 7 have submitted a story borad to the Panasonic Kids Witness News. 

KWN is a hands-on film education programme created to encourage primary and secondary School students develop their cognitive, communication and organizational skills, through the use of Panasonic’s latest HD Video and DVD technology.
Students are invited to create and develop an idea for a short documentary film based on one of two themes.
Theme 1: Communication or Theme 2:Ecology.
  • The entries are to be submitted first on ‘storyboards’ provided by Panasonic.
  • The Top 10 storyboards in the country will then be selected.
  • Those 10 schools will be awarded with the latest Panasonic HD Camera equipment in order to develop their idea into a 5 minute DVD.
  • The Top 10 schools that are selected will be provided with optional coaching and assistance from an industry professional.
  • Schools that are not selected can still submit their video entry using their own equipment.

Salome, Renee, Mavis and Caprice posted their group storyboard for this year's Panasonic KWN competition. There storyboard is based on the theme of Ecology. They have worked very hard last week and this week on their storyboards. Good luck girls!

If you want to find out more about this competition click the link below. 



Mrs Fepuleai said...

Congratulations girls on completing the task. I'm sure you will do our school proud with your submission. Good Luck!

Ms Hansell said...

This is a wonderful thing you girls are doing. It is great to know that TPS is venturing into wider circles and entering competitions - if I was the judge, you would WIN! You have worked so hard on your story boards.
Tino pai nga kotiro!