Thursday, November 27, 2014

Year 7/8 Camp 2014

Press play to view a video of camp at Kokako Lodge. This Video was put together by our TPS student council.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tionee's in-depth reflection on Camp Kokako 2014

To end the year 7's and mostly year 8's like me leaving to college next year, the year 7's and 8's teachers including the principal at Tamaki Primary School put in a big plan ever since the beginning of the year to end our year in setting us off to a fun camp. At camp we did exclusive activities I think I wouldn't be doing in my life again. Check out my presentation, to find out more!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Camp Performance 2014 - Thank you Kokako Lodge

Camp Rap by some of Room 7 Boys

Camp Rap - TPS Room 7 Boys from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

It was time to emerge from the power surge and the sounds of the kids sounded like skids. Went to the hall to find a ball then I picked it up,then said sup.
I tried to be loud when my mouth was so proud.
Shouting to the skies where my ancestors lie.
On the kayaks I was confident feeling like presidents.
It is fiafia night this is it. I look all around to find the MIZ.

Trying to sleep but I cannot sleep and I guess I can’t because the bunks are too cheap.
Wake up in the morning smell the air. It smelt like a farm or a barn.
On the high ropes, I was so high, I thought would die but I lied.
When I got down I kissed the ground praise the lord I’m alive.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Camp Rap by Jayden

Last week - Weeek 5, our Year 7/8 students went to camp at Kokako Lodge. Here is a reflection written by Jayden in a form of a rap.

Jayden's Rap About Camp 2014 from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Our time at camp it was very well, amazing
Rowing our boats, finishing on day four,
Doing high ropes on very high courses,
The end of the day, cabins filled with corpses,
Next archery shooting arrows from the bow,
Instructors, teaching people how to shoot low,
Having fiafia night with all of us so we can get our confidence and our pride, whole camp purpose ,
Celebrations, more noise than our cabins,
Juiced on our food like breakfast then our lunch,
Lets us have a long night lyrically reflecting,
Learned new things, group chants we’re resurrecting,
We drop bombs, Earlier than I wake up,
Using Sulaiman, an alarm cause I shake up,
We’re ready in our groups, the stars, we masters,
Cuz we be the best and you know you can't rap as,
Fast as I bout to wrap up, this is how it is,
Chiller than a S.H.A.R.P M.C me,
My rap so rip that you can't fee,
I got the flow so dont try and spoil it,
Losing inspections cleaning toilets,
I’ll take your class spinning for a 3 hour hike,
Leave you in the back take all the time you like.
Why would well would a wise student just,
weaving up words weave em up i'm a wordsmith,
I would write a reflection for this, it don’t matter,
Whoop your points back to your cutlery platter,
This goes faster than the days at our camp did,
Making rhymes faster than a kokako climbing trees,
I’d end you like how we ended on a bus,
Fix you up, beat you, no fuss.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Epic Rap Battle - Tagata o le Moana

Here is Room 7's epic film which encourages us to think about how we use the sea.  This was a product of our inquiry called Tagata o le Moana.  People of the sea.  Who's side are you on?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Wacky Mad Libs - Christopher

Christopher shows how he was given a list of word types to fill in before the programme inserted the words into the story to create wacky mad libs! Allows for a lot of creativity.

This is my Wacky Web tales that I did during grammarnastics. It was really fun because it created a story out of 16 words. When I was finished I made another one. It was really cool.

Room 7 Mad Libs - Cypress

For Grammarnastics today Room 7 explored word choice and how it is important when writing stories. We had a go at creating different wacky Mad Libs by choosing different word type examples and inserting them into stories.