Monday, December 15, 2008

Looking After Our Garden

For the last two weeks Room 7 have been looking after the garden. Mrs Kelly has helped us to learn all about how to look after our school garden. We have had to water the plants, take out any weeds and be responsible leaders in the garden at lunchtime and playtime. Some of our plants have grown really tall so we had to tie then to bamboo stakes so that they don’t fall over. We took out the celery and planted beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, tree tomatoes and passionfruit in its place. The kids in our school are lucky because they get to take home some of the vegetables that we have grown. We learnt to take off the lateral branches on the tomato plants so that more tomatoes will grow on the plants. A few days this week it was raining so we didn’t water the garden but we did still have to water the plants in the hot house. To remove plants you need to squeeze the sides and take the vegetable out gently. Part of our job is to put the fruit scraps in the worm farm and then once a week we put the worm juice on the plants that are inside our school so they get stronger.

By Tyson, Emmeline, Sharon and Brandon