Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm Excited about this week's camp with my Year 8 peers.

What I am looking forward to for the year eight's camp is having fun with all of friends before we all go off to college next year so I want to try make memory's with all of them in our last year in intermediate.
I feel excited that we are going because of all of the fun activities that we are going to do and all of the team building. I look forward to going camp with friends Misimoa and Tim because I get to have fun with them for one week and we get to fun activities with each other so we can have memory's when we are all separated next year.

Bongo Time by Caprice

This is my Bongo's presentation. It is about the performance and fun we had as we watched the performers use different and weird looking instruments to create an amazing beat with lyrics. Basically, a song! Be sure to leave me some comments which include FF and FB for my next blog post!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Holiday Description by Mavis

During the holidays I took what I would describe as a rather interesting trip to me favourite food place. We were given the task of describing  something exciting that happened in our holidays and in my world getting food is exciting! I hope you enjoy reading my description.

Ice erupted in my spine poisoning my body with goosebumps infecting every inch of my body. My heart advanced to a pounding pace. Blood flooded my ears, clogging them and preventing any proper words crawling into my ear. The wind bit at my skin but the warmth of the sun overpowered this frigid bite. My stomach  was a pit of hunger, tempting me to scream. Desperation for food thundered through my stomach inspiring another wave of sadness to roll over me. The hairs on my neck crawled to a standing position as we drove further up.

My eyes flickered over the site in front of me. The charcoal black road,the lush green of the towering trees, the blinding strips of white dividing the cars from each other.The velvet coat of the seat, swinging around as the wind ran through it causing a disturbance in its perfectly fine condition. Then a wave of colours sprinted past as strangers strolled past waving,pointing and messaging each other. I rolled my eyes...I thought we ALL had lives to live...apparently not today. Dropping their wrappers carelessly into the open environment.

Laughing and tapping crept into my ear chasing away the easy going swoosh of the car. The screech of another car coming up behind me scarred my ears. It haunted me, poking and teasing me as it hung around. It was followed by an impatient bark of a the man behind me. Anger hissed inside my head. The pavement crunched under numerous shoes.Nike's,Puma's and there was the occasional pair of high heels. I absorbed the sounds savouring how naturally it belonged in Glenn Innes.

Spices hit my nose like a round house punch leaving me begging for another sniff. Then it was quickly smothered with fried potatoes, people sweating and even milkshakes. I caught a whiff of perfume. My sister just had to. The car smelt normal aside perfume but it was perfectly normal. The carpet smelt like you're average home carpet, the coated seats smelling like everyday seats.Oh well.

Then came the magical moment the lady handed over what we wanted. Our prize of the day. My sister's friend handed it over to the back. We gave our thanks and drove home satisfied of what we scored. We took it to the kitchen. I took a big,loud slurp savouring the flavour. I took a bite of chicken. My favourite types of chicken. Goodness. It tasted divine,sublime,beautiful it tasted like my favourite meal. KFC was a pleasant start to my afternoon

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Holiday Description By Tupou

A long day at the movies.

My heart started beating rapidly as I got out of the car making me feel overwhelmed.I felt nervous as I was just walking towards the entry thinking a lot of people might be inside. As I glided through the door taking my two next steps straight away I could detect the smell of the buttery popcorn popping around in the popcorn machine. It was like there was an invisible wall as you walk through the door where on one side you can smell all different kind of foods and the other you only can smell fresh air it felt like a whole different world inside.

As I was walking towards to get our tickets I saw a extended line. It was like everyone was lining up to buy tickets to go see Beyonce concert. I strolled towards back of the line thinking I might be here all night just to get my ticket. As I was waiting in line I looked to the side and my eyes caught a view at the arcade area. I couldn't stop staring it, it looked so cool I just wanted to go play for a few minutes but I couldn't or else I would lose my place in line. When I finished waiting in line for one hour I finally got my ticket and the movie was about to start so I dashed past everyone hoping I would make in time.

I gave my ticket to one of the workers and entered theater 2. I finally made it I feeling exhausted. I tried to look for my seat I was in the k row on seat 11. I sat down and felt alive the seat was so comfortable that I could take a nap on it. The movie started I was so joyful that I made it but right then the negative thing was I fell asleep.

This my description that I have done for homework. It describes a day when I was at the movies for a long day. Hope you enjoy reading.

Holiday Description By Deandra

Going To The Beach:

The sun was out and my mind felt like it was frying in a hot pan as I lay down on the hot and grainy sand. But as I lay there I began to wonder what does the sparkling water I see from beyond feel like,
“ Is the water hot and gloomy or is it cold and freezing? ”

About ten minutes later I thought to myself and just stood up and ran towards the clear blue water and as I drew nearer and nearer, and I finally leaped into the air and soared like a bird for only a minute until . . . .
SPLASH!! I had landed in a sea of icy cold water surrounding my warm yet shivering body.

As I stood up, my tongue desperate for a sip of fresh water, had not hesitated and accidently took a whiff of the salt water on my lips. the water dripping from my swimming gear was  but only just loud enough for me to hear the sweet cries of the sea as the waves gushed over the other with no possible ending.

My body was shivering like as if I had seen a supernatural being, but as I slowly made my way through the water I was being pushed over a few times by the strong gusts of winds that blew in the tide and sometimes blew it out. My heart was at a slow pace until I had went back into the water so that I could stop feeling even colder in the blizzard like wind.

After I had enough of swimming in the water I had stood up and walked towards my family unaware of the winds blowing the cold drop of water off of my swimming gear, as I reached for my towel I realised I didn’t need it we 
not yet.