Friday, June 28, 2013

Waste Management Action Plan Proposed by Faith and Misimoa

Today we buddied up with other students in our class and created a presentation about what we think is the most sustainable way to reduce the rubbish we make at school, but also ways we could save and decrease the amount of money we spend each year just to get rid of our rubbish. 

Down below is the presentation me and my panther Misimoa ( have completed.

Waste Management Action Plan Proposed by Deandra and Chasity

This is my Waste Management Action Plan. Me and my partner Deandra, have been working hard on our amazing yet interesting Action Plan. I hope you enjoy viewing my presentation. Please leave a comment :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tuakana/Teina Day with Room 4

Room 7 and Room 4 worked together this week. Press play to find out what tuakana/teina day is all about. 

Tuakana Teina Day from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Four clever girls in Room 7 have submitted a story borad to the Panasonic Kids Witness News. 

KWN is a hands-on film education programme created to encourage primary and secondary School students develop their cognitive, communication and organizational skills, through the use of Panasonic’s latest HD Video and DVD technology.
Students are invited to create and develop an idea for a short documentary film based on one of two themes.
Theme 1: Communication or Theme 2:Ecology.
  • The entries are to be submitted first on ‘storyboards’ provided by Panasonic.
  • The Top 10 storyboards in the country will then be selected.
  • Those 10 schools will be awarded with the latest Panasonic HD Camera equipment in order to develop their idea into a 5 minute DVD.
  • The Top 10 schools that are selected will be provided with optional coaching and assistance from an industry professional.
  • Schools that are not selected can still submit their video entry using their own equipment.

Salome, Renee, Mavis and Caprice posted their group storyboard for this year's Panasonic KWN competition. There storyboard is based on the theme of Ecology. They have worked very hard last week and this week on their storyboards. Good luck girls!

If you want to find out more about this competition click the link below. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

T.P.S Rubbish Audit Report by Renee, Mavis, Renee and Salome

On Friday the 21st of June, a group of year 1-8 students were nominated to participate in  sorting out all of the rubbish we produced in our school over 24 hours. From Room 7 four girls represented their class. Their names are Caprice, Renee, Salome and Mavis and did they do their classroom proud!! Ron, who works at the Auckland city council was our tutor and explained to us about the rubbish we produce in our school. He also explained to us the different categories of rubbish and how we can reduce the amount of rubbish in our school.

Multiple times we had to discuss the categories in which the rubbish that was collected, where it would be sorted into. Individual students were chosen as leaders of their own crate(recycling bin). They put their given categories onto a crate. We then weighed the rubbish. After it was weighed, we sorted the rubbish into different crates. The pieces of rubbish were sorted into Non-recyclable paper, Food Scraps, Plastic wrappers, Steel and aluminium cans, Paper and Recyclable Plastic.

Most of the student in the seniors were group leaders, like Salome she was the group leader for the aluminum cans. I was the leader for the all other waste, and the people in my group was Stanley and Samuel, they helped me sort the rubbish, and the weight of the waste was 0.6.

When we finished the sorting of the categories others were then organised into small groups to help the leader of the group find and sort their rubbish that they were instructed to find. Groups were then give buckets to help collect the rubbish,the rubbish was then poured onto a tarpaulin and classes came to observe us as we collected and sort the different waste.

The amount of plastic wrappers blew up in our faces. Nearly over 270 pieces of chip, muesli and snack wrappers were scattered all over our tarpaulin and in the crate. Hevani and Paeroa collected a lot of these wrappers and within minutes the back was halfway full. The food scraps had an huge amount which continued to grow when we finished collecting it we had to carry it all the way to the scale but it resulted in being too heavy for one person to carry it ,so Marshal and Taylor carried it to the scale to get weighed.

The food scraps weighed 18.0kg due to the weight of the food scraps inside the bag and the crate altogether. After we sorted the rubbish we weighed the different categories of rubbish that we collected.The heaviest was the food scraps which weighed 18.0kg and the most found was food wrapper.

After we weighed all the sacks of rubbish from the crate our instructor calculated the rubbish that we weighed to see how much rubbish is thrown on the ground or wasted in the bin. Turns out that our school is producing more rubbish than other schools.

The solution today's rubbish findings will be in our next school rubbish report. Be on a look out for our next report.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I heard scratching but I couldn't see through the Faith

In week 5 we had to sit a writing sample test. We were told by our teacher to finish it of and blog our writing sample. Here is my finished product. I hope you like reading my writing assessment

I heard scratching but I couldn't see through the darkness...

Nothing but the stars and the moon that shone in the night. Taking each step which we hoped led us to our destination my back aches while holding our supplies which I call our survival kit.
“Ahhh I'm so tired can we stop now?” Cecilia mourns, her eyes which look like they could shut any minute now
“No we must keep going and we’ll be there soon.” I say it with regret knowing that I didn't know my way around here, I just made a promise that was about to be broken.  
Lifting up each boot which protected my feet, I look around and there is completely nothing I can see. Nothing but Trees, leaves, rubbish and the sound of birds and owls howling in the dark night. I glimpse around and all I see is a great big field filled with grass ‘Yay!’

We finally decide to stop, we pitch our tent and off we doze with a dreadful sleep. With only our jackets and the picnic cloth to cover us, I could feel the breeze of the wind glide through my clothes and push my skin which was now covered with goosebumps, we close our eyes and off we were in a world of peace and silence.

Being interrupted and woken up by an unusual sound I get up and notice that Cecilia isn't there. I panic, my heart skips a beat and my mind goes on multiple journeys on 5 different planet.
“Cecilia, are you there?” My voice cracks, it sounds as if I were trying to squeal.
9 seconds later there's still no reply so I call out to her again
“Cecilia, are you there?”
15 minutes and she's still not back so I fetched for the torch that hung from the side of my backpack and off I go on a hunt for Cecilia.
‘I hope she's alright’
‘I wonder where she is’
I start to panic even more and now my heart feels like its skipping two beats. My ears lift a little hearing that weird, strange sound again and as every step I take I the noise gets louder and Louder and LOUDER! I heard scratching but couldn't see through the darkness...

I heard scratching but couldn't see through the darkness Chasity

The lights went blank and the house was covered with a blanket of darkness. I heard scratching but couldn't see through the darkness. My mind slowly shut down because of the fear that was entering my insides. I listened out for voices but I couldn't hear anything. My arms slowly crept in front of me in a zombie position. They directed me as I walked through the hallway of darkness. The scratching noise came again. I looked around but obviously I couldn't see because it was dark. I could feel a draft kicking in. It got stronger and stronger. My bones shivered with coldness as the strong wind hit my body. A voice yelled in my ear “Go, go now  while you have the chance!” I looked around but I could only see darkness. “Who are you? Leave me alone!” I yelled. The voice never replied.

A sudden gust struck my face as a calm voice called out to me. “Nick, Nick, Nick come here” I ignored the voice trying to fight the strong wind. My body slowly crept off the ground, it followed the voice. I closed my eye’s so I couldn't see. My eye’s slowly opened looking at a young lady. Her hair was blonde and was as long as a giraffe. Her face was as shiny as the sun that shone in the sky. Her body was as skinny as a twig. The young women cried. “Please help me, help me please”. I was terrified already. Her voice got deeper and deeper, my eye’s didn't want to look at the young lady that was now slowly disappearing.

Her whole body vanished. I was alone with nobody. My hands slowly moved underneath my leg as I laid on a bumpy old couch. My eyes shut and my mouth wide open.

Sun struck my face and birds chirped a sweet melody. I slowly opened my eye’s turning my head and looking at blurry views. My hands got into a fist position as I rubbed my eye’s.  Dribble stuck to my face as I got out of the couch. I grabbed my ponytail re tying it again.

I looked around. My back aching with pain, I saw a door. I ran towards it, It got further and further as I ran faster and faster. My legs ached with tiredness running towards the unconventional doorway. It finally stopped. The ends of my fingertips touched the door handle as I reached out to open it. The door slowly opened. My eye’s stayed in place looking towards the driveway. I stared with an open mouth looking straight outside. I was frilled with happiness not knowing my house was next door. I left closing the door.

Should Violent Games Be Banned? by Chasity.

Chasity's Opinion

Should Violent games be banned

These are games that need to be banned.

Well first I think these kind of games should be banned because they’re too violent for kids our age and other ages and if children play these sorts of games they’ll end up violent at a young age

Secondly children shouldn’t be playing these kind of games anyway because adults will end up not disciplining but will watch their children grow into young violent adults.

Finally families will become violent and they will end up creating  gangs to try and get the community's attention and this will mean children getting involved and becoming violent.

These three reason on why we should ban violent games.
(By the way I made this picture on my netbook)

I heard scratching but I couldn't see through the darkness... - By Misimoa

Narrative Writing 

It was a dim night and I was working. I worked for a spy corporation L.C(Lars Corporation)with my brothers Lutimi, Simon, and Tupou. We were hyped up for our first mission. My My boss was Larz he told us to take some weapons and gadgets for safety so me and my brothers sprinted to the weapon area and took some guns, knives and gadgets. Larz call us in for our first mission he showed us the location we had to go to. And off we started up the car and zoomed off and we were pumped up and confident but little did we know that we were heading to a haunted house.

Finally we arrived at the house and the house look pretty beat up. We took our weapons and headed inside we kicked the door open and turned on our flashlights but the house look like nobody was there. Then when we were all inside the door shut closed right before my eyes. I heard rain pouring down and it started to come in because of all of the leaks in the house. my brothers were scared to death but then I heard scratching but couldn't see through the darkness and I was wondering where is the noise coming from. I had to dig deeper if I wanted to know so then I told my brothers to follow me. We walked closer getting closer and closer then “Crash!” the chandelier fell and clashed on the floor then we took a step closer and the vase flew across us and collided with the wall and Simon said “Now I know why this house looks crumbled up. Carrying our gadgets and stuff we couldn’t bare to stand but we had to do it for our team. I took out my thermal metre and tried to scan were the ghost are. I nearly pick up a signal but it left so I said “Split up into two groups me and Lutimi will go right and Tupou and Simon will go left.” As soon as we split I started to plant cameras around the house to scope the scene incase some unusual happens. Then I called one of my friends to tell him to watch the cameras. 12:03 and midnight had faded away. So this time we had to move fast. My mate called back and said “We have a situation in room 104” so then I replied “What is it?” Then he replied” There’s been a some things flying around. I rushed there right away and then the thermal metre was beeping going crazy.

I saw a little boy sitting in the corner so then I took out my gun... took my first shot and then right before my eyes swoosh he disappeared before I could get him. I started to sprint faster and faster then I found him again and tip toed to him but then he stood up and opened up the tinned ghost capturer and chanted “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust put this boy into the ghost capturer.” the boys ashes flew into the can and I quickly closed it and by the time we got out of the house we jumped into the car and took off. Mr Larz was very proud of us and gave us permanent mission hunter badges.

Persuasive Writing by Misimoa

We are responsible for the rubbish in our school!

We both agree that we know  it is us that causes the rubbish in our school and that needs to stop!

Everyday we see children littering around our school , not caring for our  school grounds and that’s just not right because the teachers are not are parents .We are mature enough to pick up after ourselves. I am motivated to try stop this because  animals are dying everywhere due to how we litter. We are suffocating the air for different types creatures all around the world.

Rubbish can cause important school tournaments to be postponed or even cancelled. Without observing the area around you may ask “WHY!” because the fields are filled up with food scraps and compose that can damage players and put their bodies on the line.

Multiple abominable decisions may ruin our school reputation and gives us horrible reports  because the E.O.R (Education office review) might see the rubbish that is piled up in the fields and on the playground and they might think “Wow what a messy school” and give us a bad report that will give Tamaki Primary a bad name.

Well listen to this: if this goes on how would we live like this? And what if rubbish is going to keep on flooding our school, how will we stop this? We also think if rubbish stops the school. Will we still be up there with the top schools? Will we even still have a school name?. Please make a difference and stop! this.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Magical Flying Carpet by Salome

I entered through the door of what was going to become my new room and I could no longer hold the heavy bow a carried up the stair so a put it down on the floor the room was bare and plain but the only thing in it was a colourful carpet that seemed to have lost its beauty due to a lot of dust,I ignored the carpet and walked towards the closet to start putting my stuff in it.As soon I was done unpacking something caught the corner of my eye I looked to see what it was it was in the far right corner of the closet,I picked it up it was a clear jar with what seemed to be more dust inside of it maybe the person who onced lived here was obsessed with it.With the jar safely in my hand I was just about to open it when I was interupted by the sound of my mum’s voice call from down stairs.
“Renee come and help bring all the dining room chairs please I really need your help!”she called.
“Okay mum!”I replied back.

I rushed down and accidently dropped all the dust over the carpet but I had no time to clean it up I knew my mum will grow impatient of me so I left it.

“Thanks sweetie for the help now you can go and finish pack while I make something to eat.”mum said.
“Okay mum.”I said.
While my mum wasn’t looking I quickly grabbed the broom so she wouldn’t grow suspicious of me and quickly ran up to my room,I shut the door behind me and took a deep breath and turned around to see the mess I made.
My body froze and my mouth dropped along with the broom in my hand I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,it was just floating there no string no nothing making it float I picked up the shattered pieces of glass on the floor and realised what it had once contained.
My carpet was floating and it was that magical dust that did it.

I swept away the glass and then I step onto the carpet and to my surprise it held me quite nicely.
“Go!”I said.
Waiting for it to take me flying around my room but nothing happened.
“Up,up and away!”I shouted.
But still nothing happened so pulled the front of the carpet toward of me for I was frustrated,then the carpet rushed forward and slammed me into the wall.I quickly got up and rushed to my door slightly dizzy to see if my mum or dad came to see what happened, thankfully my mum just asked what happened so I just told her I dropped something.

The next day my mum went left me at home just to do some grocery shopping so I decided to take another spin on the carpet around the house.I gently hop on it and stirred it out of my room down the stairs,I was floating everywhere in the house and everything was fine.All of a sudden the carpet went ballistic and started flying everywhere I quickly took hold and felt my legs being flung back,and just to make matters worse my mum entered through the door.
“What is that?”she screamed.
“I am so sorry mum.”I screamed.
“This all happened because some stupid dust...”
The dust I need to take it out of the carpet.
“Mum go get the vacuum and turn it on.”I shouted.
“Why?”she questioned.
“Just do it!”I screamed.
My mum got the vacuum and turned it on all I had to do was find a way to stop it.
“Okay mum pick up one huge rock and throw it on top of the carpet when I come your way.”I instructed.
I stirred the carpet towards my mum.
“Okay one,two,three.”
I quickly jumped off the carpet onto the floor and the carpet was under the stone I quickly got the vacuum and  cleaned the dust out of it then removed the rock,the carpet was back to normal and huge sigh of relief came to me but disappeared when I saw my mum’s face.
“You better tell me what happened and get this place cleaned up or you grounded!”she yelled.
“Mum I would rather much better be grounded.”

Friday, June 7, 2013

Unique's Freestyle Writing

Crossing all the platforms nature can see,reaching out to the unforgettable sites and to uncover the snowy and whispering mountains, carry our heavy amounts of luggage on your unstable body’s, Scurrying through the thick, heavy sands and  "The view is so pretty" Mark Muttered under his breath trying not to lose his warmth, so they continued walking and looking up and seeing how far they had to go
you could hear from the mouths behind.Two hours later they found out their legs stopped moving because of the coldness and then this Rumbling sound comes from the distance they tried to move but they weren't budging and the noise was getting closer by the minute,then suddenly out of know were a pile of frosty snow spirals were rushing down towards them and the only thing that they could feel was the cold breeze and brightness in their stomachs
"AAAh" they keep yelling.

The snow spirels rushed them with no hesitation,it was dark it was darker than dark piles and piles fill of snow was covering their scraps of bodies and the only thing that was keeping them warm was the dead skin falling off their toes, still couldn't move not even a inch thinking about water,air,food and want to do until the snow melts also seeing how we are going to get yourself back on our feet.About half an hour later they started to call for help because the snow wasn't melting they tried to open their mouths and speak but their wasn't any space to move their lips.Running out of air and trying not to starving and waiting for help.

Three more hours went past "tick tick" and they still hadn't moved and still didn't have food in their systems, inside of their bodies their bones were fighting and couldn't feel their blood flowing throw their bodies to find warmth,then on the corner of my eye I could see a drop of rain and then two drop and then another it was melting the piles of snow faster and faster and before you know it there was not that much left,I looked up to see the beautiful blue sky and it was gray  with patches of black spots but there was one problem our bones had been stuck together and won't be able to be free until the sun is out.

One hour has past Mark,Alex,Zayn,Charley,Louis and Nick are still getting stepped on by the rain,another rain cloud connected and made a rain storm maybe lighting five minutes later a spot of a light gazed upon Charlie's leg they all had big fat smiles on their faces, they all just started to laugh "hahahaha" they they all shouted with excitement.They jump up with amazement hoping to still walk up Mt Everest Looking and trying to remember these uncovered secrets,five more steps tell the top looking at the sun while its coming it out and also seeing those black spotted clouds fly away.Walking into the forbidden pathway everyone has been talking about was their favourite part.They continued to walk with their heads held up high and with less clothes.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Magical Flying Carpet by Chasity

It laid on the floor still covered with footprints that led to the lounge. The rug laid in front of the kitchen still and stiff not moving it’s thin soft body. A young mother had owned the rug but had thrown it out and gave it to a man friend of hers. He took the old smelly rug to his summer beach house that was half an hour from where the young mother had lived. The man that appeared to be nick, used his beer hands to scrub the stink and old rug. Nick used his strength to get the stench and mud off the rug he had got off his friend. He hung the newly washed rug on the washing line.  Putting one peg on one corner and another peg on the other he left it to dry. The clock struck 7 o'clock. He followed his footprints towards the rug and took both of the pegs off. His toes ached with pain trying to stretched his way taller to take the rug off.

Nicks hands pulled the rug over towards the door. Te rug dragged along the polished floors leaving trails of marks. He laid his rug on the floor. Nick sat on the couch with his face towards the flat screen. Now this guy was rich and whatever he bought he owned for a long time. His eyes glued to his T.V as it persuades him to watch more and more. Time goes fast, Nick has his head in his cushion with his eyes shut and his mouth pouring with dribble. His alarm alerts him “It’s time to wake up, the time is 10 o’clock” “It’s time to wake up, the time is 10 o’clock” it repeats.

Nick wakes up not knowing he left his T.V on. His body slowly gets up and walks over to the bathroom. His blue dreamy eye’s looks into his new built in mirror. He smiles and his reflection smiles back at him. Nick turns his head and goes out the door leaving his white painted door open. He gets out a book and reads a poem, but he doesn’t know he’s actually saying a curse. That night as Nick is fast asleep. A light from the lounge glows bright. The light struck Nicks face, making him wake up. He followed the light into the lounge wondering if he forgot to turn his lamp off. The bright light gets brighter. Nick covers his eye’s hoping he doesn't lose his eyesight. His eye’s grow bigger as he looks at his rug. It’s in the air flying, Nick rubs his eyes thinking to himself “is this a dream or what?” He opens his eye’s still looking at his flying rug.

The rug floats from side to side as it flies through the house. A sound of silence echoed through the house. “I am your new mate now and you need to respect that”. spoke the rug. Nicks face turned into a shock of silence. “I know this is your very first time seeing a rug speak but you need to turn me into the normal rug I was before”. Nick mumbled something under his breathe “And how do I do that?” The rug answered the question “Do you know that poem you read yesterday?” “Yes.” Answered Nick. “You need to say it backwards” said the flying carpet. “Rugs are bugs flying in the night make this rug go back right”. murmured Nick. Nick looked back at his rug. “It worked!!!” He yelled. The rug now laid still and stiff in a thin position.

Nick walk towards his bedroom door looking back at his lounge checking if he turned off his lamp. His body slowly got back into bed. His eyes shut and his mouth left a loud noise.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shoes from the KidsCan

Today we received our shoes from KidsCan.

Thank you KidsCan for our shoes.