Friday, April 19, 2013

Charday's Ancestral Poem

I am a proud daughter of my many Maori ancestors.
Their wisdom protects me from illness and helps to keep me strong.
Unconditional love and support of family ties us all together.
Even when, without thinking I do something that is wrong.

For me they struggled and strived in a stormy salty sea.
To sail to an unknown land in their magnificent wooden waka.
While listening to howling winds or a soft summer breeze.
Paddling bravely with hardened leathery hands to reach Aotearoa.

The taste of salt upon dried and cracking lips.
The familiar smell of the waka’s wood was joined by that of land.
The last of their water they drank in sips.
As they saw the green hills and headed towards the sand.

In the future I will be a famous Silver Fern.
Taking strength from all my ancestors as I play each game.
They will be proud of me for carrying my head up high.
Showing my love of them by honouring my Maori name.

Joaquinn's Ancestral Poem

I am proud of my Niuean culture.
A son of a Niuean Queen and Warrior.

The colour yellow,

The smell of fresh flowers growing on beach pathways,
Creative and traditional cultural dances,
Hats and baskets made out of flax and flowers represent my culture.

I come from a long line of Niuean ancestors who I am proud of and forever thankful for them.
Their past choices, struggles and success have helped shape my identity.
The will be forever cherished in my heart.
Thinking about my ancestors gives me courage, confidence and strength. to do the best I can with my life.

Edward's Ancestral Poem

I am a proud Cook Island African male,
son of a Cook Island queen and a brave, strong African warrior.

Beautiful palm trees, pure white sand, gold diamonds and the smell of fresh hibiscus represent the two cultures that I am wonderfully proud of.

My forefathers and foremothers lives within me,
Their strength flows through my blood, giving me the courage to survive, the heart to love and the security to feel safe.

A feeling of appreciation for my ancestors,
I am thankful that they fought for me and my family,
Thankful for the traditions and morals they have passed down,
Thankful because without their hard work I wouldn’t be here.
Thankful because as I grow into a strong mighty, brave warrior, I will strive to conquer my battles and fears.

Misimoa's Ancestral Poem

I am a proud Samoan with no shame to hide sometimes I lie but nothing will take away my Samoan pride.
I am a male,
boy not a girl,
a loud 12 year old pearl.

A proud Samoan who loves fire dancing, throwing fire in the air, trying to bare the heat with sweaty hair.
A Samoan who likes slap dances, hearing my ancestors doing their chants and fighting for me in battle.

My ancestors live in me,
their past decisions have shaped who I am today and if it weren't for them my days will feel like rain.
I will take my ancestors with me,
They may not be with me physically but they will be with me in spirit just like the wind.

I see myself inside an arena fighting for the championship title against John Cena.
I will rise in the future with my ancestors cheering for me and crying tears of joy.
I will succeed with the comfort and love of my ancestors.

My Ancestral Poem by Salome

Dear Ancestor
would you be proud of her
if she gave the gift of life
but  at an age not suitable.

Dear Ancestor
would you be proud of him
if he stood up for myself
if someone didn’t like the colour of his skin
but end in a bad consequence.

Dear Ancestor
would you be proud of me
if I worked hard for my future
but sacrificed family time.

Tokelauan is my culture and I am proud of it.
My ancestor are hard working and gentle dove
Violence is never their answer.

My ancestor protect me when I awake or asleep.

Even though there are mistakes
There are lessons that I will take.

To turn a wrong into a right
There are some tough fights.

I am your daughter and
your blood that flowed down to me
now it is time for you to see
How proud you are of me?

Crystal's Ancestral Poem

Being brown, Being Tongan

Have I never forgotton ?
Wearing black to a funeral,
Showing respect to my loved ones,
Learning and speaking our language,
Wearing black to a funeral,
Going church every sunday,
My ancestors your beautiful lives,
passed on has left my family in disbelief,
Sadness slowly zooms through all my emotions inside,
tears dripping, fists clenching, my head down low
A big loss, A piece of my heart has gone, such a heavy blow.

I am crystal fonua , I'm Tongan
I will say it because I’m proud
I love my ancestors I’ll say it out loud!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ancestral Poem by Faith

Ancestors standing within me from my heart to my soul
But before today comes the past.
Created by my Ancestors who wrote out my life and my future.
I have the ula of a samoan chief
and the flower of a cook island woman leader
Strength was bruised into my veins
Scratches signal my ancestors pain.

With pride I watch my people sing the
national anthem without shame.
They don’t really care about all they want or all the fame,
          My cultural history can’t be tamed

Through blessings and pride.
I'm not afraid to say that I was made by my ancestors

This is my Ancestral Poem about my ancestors and myself. Please leave comments and also include F.F and F.B about my work!

Chasity's Ancestral Poem

I am a young Maori girl. I come from Ngapuhi, a strong Maori tribe.
I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, I am me. CHASITY.

My Maori warriors are survivors defending the land that I live on from terrible raids.
They speak over who they are and peace to their land. We are the Tangata Whenua of  Aotearoa. 
My Tipuna are the caretakers of this country.

Our drums echo like ancestral heartbeats, beating as one. 
They are the blood of my veins woven strongly like a Kete. The karanga is my ancient call of my long lost whanau.
My ancestors are my shield fighting at war protecting me from good or bad.

They are the moonlight watching over me as I sleep.  
  They are a pathway leading me to success.
They are my ancestors that stay within me.
They are my mind that make the thoughts I am thinking now.

My ancestors are my life holding the key to my future.

My Ancestors and Me by Caprice

My Ancestors and Me!
I am a Maori and Cook Island Queen,
A daughter who is desperate to save,
Who is desperate to succeed.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Who has nothing to hide
Who is gratefully proud of it!

I feel the power of my ancestors flowing through my veins healing me in times of sorrow

The strength of my ancestors is the roar held within a tame tiger

The aroha of my whanau strengthens me.
I stand strong with pride as my culture and my beliefs shape who I am today.

My Cook Island ancestors are forceful shields from Aitutaki,
At war with anyone who will try and take us away!
They are the wood that will never snap in half,
The cloth that will never rip.

My Maori ancestors are peaceful waves washing out any pollution
They are the book that will never close
The concrete that will never crack.
The stars that will never stop shining.
The karanga is called at the Marae to my long lost whanau
The waiata is sung strongly among passed down generations.
Their struggles will not be forgotten
They will always be with me.
 By flesh, By blood, By bone.

This is my Ancestral Poem about my ancestors and myself. I hope that you are brave enough to write some comments. Please include FF and FB about the subjects and my work!

Ancestral Poem by Mavis

Ngatokurua's Ancestral Poem

I am a Cook Island Maori Princess not a Queen,
But a daughter who is loving `
Who is desperate to share.
Yes Indeed! Who has a fear of heights and in front of a large audience
I feel the Courage, Hope, Faith, and Strength of my ancestors taking away my troubles and doubts.

My Cook Island ancestors are the mighty shield protecting me from the outside world,
Protecting me from criminals.
They are the ruler that will never snap,
The cookies that will always be in the jar,
Ukuleles that will always be tuned for the young generation.
My Maori ancestors are the wind whispering directions to make the right path come my way.
They are the ink of a whanau pen never running out,
The artwork that will be straight and solid to look at with comfort.
The stars that will never stop shining bright like a diamond.
The waiata that will give me courage to stand strong.

I hope with what I achieve in life will impress my ancestors to the point where they are singing my praises,
fighting for me in battle,
cheering for me and crying tears of joy instead of sorrow.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Honourable Minister of Education - Hekia Parata Visits our School

On Friday 12th April the Honourable Minister of Education - Hekia Parata visited our school. Press play and to watch our special assembly featuring Hekia Parata. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Best Friend by Lutimi and inspired by the original author - Shannen Wrass

My Best Friend

Today I found a friend,who knew everything I felt,
He  knew my every weakness, and the problems I’ve been dealt,
He understood my wonders and listened to my dreams.
He listened to how I felt about life and love and knew what it means.

Not once did he interrupt me, or tell me I was wrong,
He understood what I was going through and promised he’ll stay long.
I reached out to this friend to show him that I care,To pull him close and  
let him know how much I need him there.

Never has he let me down, he makes my frowns upside down
I looked at him and told him I care but other people couldn't hear.
My body is aching also my bones but nothing will stop me from our friendship that is hard as stones.

I look at this friend that I treasure but realized it's just a mirror so this friend I found today is ME.

Seasons by Peter

Leaves are falling from the trees,
bees are buzzing around my knees,
leaves are crunching from the ground,
bees are buzzing all around

The street cars are like frosted cakes all
covered up like cold snowflakes.
Winter is here, here to stay,cold
cold winter, please go away.

Summer  time we’re off from school
Because it’s so hot we go in the pool.
We jump in quickly and swim all day,
Oh beautiful summer, never go away

Spring means life and fresh sweet air, freshly
mowed grass, can smell it everywhere
Daffodils swaying in the breeze, running
through the grass up to my knees.

Brothers by Sam

Brothers we are,
Uncles we'll be ,
Big bros forever you and me .

When I was three
you helped me to lead
so love you from me.

You taught me to share
You taught me to care
You taught me to love people from everywhere.

You are a monkey swinging branch to branch,
You are a happy clown putting peoples
frowns upside down
and you are the piece to my puzzle.

I don't know how to say this,
but I thank you very much
your little brother loves you very much.

My Best Friend by Misimoa


My Best Friend
To my dear friend Tupou.

Friendship is not a gift it can not be bought or sold not even with gold.
It takes more then to just care to be a friend you have to try and blend .

I have a friend,
we have stood strong,
he has been there for me from the beginning of the road.
Even though we fight a lot our hearts shall not be apart.

You will never be alone because your friend is there with your hand in hold.
We can be kind of crazy and fun but,
Our friendship is a song that I will remember,
the rope can’t break when we are together.

True friendship is from the heart when you get along with somebody then something will start.

My Best Friend by Tupou

When I feel down and betrayed,
my friend will be there every single day.
When I feel lost and alone,
my friend will be there in every way.

When I feel lonely or can’t play with the among,
my friend will be there to say “come and have fun!”.
When I am not strong or feel wrong,
my friend will be there with a feel-better-song.

He is a like a soft kind bunny that,
can also be sometimes funny.
He is  brave like a knight who always gets ready
for his fight.
He has been there from the beginning to end
and that is why he is my friend.

Even though we fight, sometimes it affects us,
But I do not care because,
for me that’s not the case,
because we are two things that can not
be erased.

Here is a special poem I have written all by myself about my best friend Misimoa. Hope you enjoy reading.

Books by Renee

This is a poem that I have choose to be submitted to the poetry competition it is about books. I hope you all like it.
Please leave a comment.

Fire and Wisdom by Faith

These are poems that I have created, I hope that by reading my poems you will feel inspired and encouraged while reading them. I have accssorised them both while using a website called  It would be a pleasure if you would please leave a comment (F.B and F.F) so that I will know what I'll need to work on and take my work to the next level