Friday, April 19, 2013

Misimoa's Ancestral Poem

I am a proud Samoan with no shame to hide sometimes I lie but nothing will take away my Samoan pride.
I am a male,
boy not a girl,
a loud 12 year old pearl.

A proud Samoan who loves fire dancing, throwing fire in the air, trying to bare the heat with sweaty hair.
A Samoan who likes slap dances, hearing my ancestors doing their chants and fighting for me in battle.

My ancestors live in me,
their past decisions have shaped who I am today and if it weren't for them my days will feel like rain.
I will take my ancestors with me,
They may not be with me physically but they will be with me in spirit just like the wind.

I see myself inside an arena fighting for the championship title against John Cena.
I will rise in the future with my ancestors cheering for me and crying tears of joy.
I will succeed with the comfort and love of my ancestors.

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