Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Dream

Last night I dreamt of a magnificent garden.

This garden had lots of beautiful flowers which made this place very special. Standing in the middle of this garden reminded me of the colours of the rainbow because everywhere I looked there were all sorts of colourful good looking flowers. Butterflies and bees are also decorating the garden.

Walking around this garden I could see many flowers which would be suitable for different occasions. Red, white and pink roses are just right for a wedding. Dead looking flowers would be good for a funeral. Yellow bright flowers like the sun are perfect flowers that I could give to my best friend.

Sitting amongst these flowers I can hear the wind blowing and the flowers blowing at the same time. I also hear insects moving with excitement and making their own insect noises.

I feel relaxed, calm and happy. I feel this way because no one can bother me as I go deep into my thoughts and reflect on my life.

This is definitely a place that I would want to visit everyday.

By Koreniah

My House

My special place is my house because this is a place where I can have fun with my friends.

I have a healthy garden outside and flowers growing. These flowers are filling the air with a wonderful smell that makes you want to stay outside all day.

In my house I feel safe and special because I get to be myself. I also feel comfortable because I am surrounded by lots of love from my family.

By Cavhyon

A place that is beautiful to me

I dreamt of a beautiful place. This place is my church. This is a place that looks wonderful and is special to my family and me.

At this place you will hear the priest talking about the might God. I feel happy when I am at this place because I get to learn about my awesome God.

As people are sitting listening to the priest there are women who are busy cooking in the kitchen for the afternoon feast. I can smell K.F.C and it’s coming from the kitchen but I also smell something beautiful. I can smell perfume from people who are sitting around me which reminds me of the smell of beautiful flowers.

As the church service comes to an end I look around in my church and see lots of happy and joyful faces.

I like this place because I always think deeply about my life and I appreciate the things my family and friends do for me. This is my one and only beautiful place. It can be yours too.

By TJ. F

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dreaming of a Beautiful Place

It was a breezy cold night. I yawned till I fell asleep. I was so sleepy that I started dreaming. I dreamt of a romantic beach.

In this beach I see people with their bucket and spades. Family and friends are decorating the sea with shells and it looks like a colourful rainbow shinning brightly. The gold sand is transformed into terrific sandcastles. In my vision I see humongous boats sailing across the sea.

People are relaxing with their kids and enjoying the sun reflecting on the big waves. As you step back the waves come closer and creepier like a tsunami swallowing people with a massive roar. More than five people are diving in with excitement.

In my beautiful place I smell seaweed and coral filling my noise with a nice smell. I also smell sweet candy and delicious food beside me that is making my mouth watery. I suddenly feel hungry.

People are enjoying the smell of the fresh salty water. I think it smells smelly because it makes my nose feel funny.

In my vision I also hear people chatting with excitement and laughter. I also hear the wind howling as loud as a siren.

This beach makes people feel clam and relaxed. I see people looking a bit dizzy from swimming too much in the salty water. Others are looking a little crazy as they are trying to chase the seagulls away from their food. The main thing is that I feel comfortable, safe and glad because I am surrounded by people who love me.

Do you know what my beautiful place is?

By Maopa

My Beautiful Place

It was a great day at my beautiful place.

People can see the sun shining out like a diamond in the sky. They can also see people swimming and surfing in the beautiful sea water. You can also see people building a sandcastle made out of sand and shells. As you walk pass you can see people coming to relax at this beautiful place. In my beautiful place you can see big boats. The big boats look like a big lion in the water.

You can hear people talking about how wonderful this place is. You can see people listening to the birds singing.

You can feel hot, warm and cold when you are at this place.

You can smell people cooking delicious meals .The cooking smells like my mums fish.

When you are in the water you can taste the salty water. The water makes my tongue feel funny.

Have you guessed what my special place is?

By Faamanu

Sunday, August 21, 2011


What is a Tornado? Press play to find out!

Be Aware! Be Prepared! - Volcanic Eruption

Do you know what causes a volcanic eruption?
Do you know how to stay safe when a volcano
erupts where you live? Press play to find out!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Flood - Are You Prepared?

How do you stay safe when there is a flood?
Press play to find out how you can stay safe during a flood.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be aware! Be prepared! - Tsunami

Are you aware that a Tsunami can destroy a
whole city within seconds?

Press play to find out more about
the affects of a Tsunami.

Be Aware! Be Prepared! - Earthquake

Press play to find out how an earthquake can change peoples' withing seconds. Find out how you can stay safe during an earthquake!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am reporting to you live on Channel 5. There has been a devastating Tsunami that has happened in Japan. The waves were gigantic and it was terrifying for everyone. The hospitals are trying to help the injured but for some it is too late. Lots of people are looking for their friends and family. They are sad because their loved ones have not shown up yet.
The waves of the tsunami were getting bigger and bigger. People have tried to escape by bikes, cars and other vehicles. Most are just praying for safety.
There have been boats and objects going past on the angry waves. Houses with people still inside them have been swept away by the powerful water. Bricks are falling off the buildings that have been devastated by the tsunami. I am seeing people everywhere. There is alot of chaos and panic.

By Marcus.
Today I am reporting to you a powerful tsunami has hit Japan. People have seen cars floating on the humungous, angry, violent waves. Lots of children have seen broken cars, boats and other objects.
Thousands of people were racing to the tallest mountain. There has been a huge amount of water and it has gone everywhere. There is alot of chaos happening.
People have heard all kinds of things like big booming sounds and lots of banging noises. People are screaming and shouting. I have heard alot of people praying.
The waves crashing down are loud, loud like a roaring lion. People are scared. Some of them have tried to out run the gigantic waves but they weren't fast enough. They have been swept away.
The humungous, angry, violent waves has damaged almost everything. Cars, boats and buildings have been damaged. There have been damaged signs, power lines trees and houses.

By Fa'amanu.
Tonight on Nightline, Japan has a powerful Tsunami.
People were shouting to their families to make sure they were all right.
It sounds like a lion roaring and a huge storm has also hit the city of Japan.
The damage was very destructive with cars and boats being swept away with people still inside them.
The tsunami is very dangerous because people are drowning. The buildings are being washed away.

By Cavhyon.
Tonight on Nightline, there is a humungous tsunami happening in Japan. People are searching for their loved ones.
The tsunami is making the boats, cars and motorbikes spin as fast as a car zooming.
People are crying and yelling out to their friends and family. People are dashing to the top of their balconies.
The tsunami has damaged lots of objects like houses, cars, boats, trucks and factories.The people think that the tsunami is very chaotic because it can cause alot of chaos.
When the tsunami happened, people ran to the top of their balconies and watched the tsunami overtake the city.
I think that the tsunami is very dirty and chaotic because it has destroyed lots of objects.

By Etuate.

Tsunami Strikes Japan

On T.V one news a humongous Tsunami strikes Japan!

Rubbish are floating with the water. Dirt has been carried around. Stuff from houses have been destroyed. As many objects are destroyed the water is getting deeper and deeper. Buildings, power lines are fully damaged. Boats are crushed. Signs have got destroyed and so have cars. Water is spreading fast around this town.

The tsunami sounds like a lion roaring for his lost son. People are also holding their love ones very tight. You can see that people everywhere are frustrated with this tsunami and are praying that their loved ones are safe.

I think that it is important for people to think fast and smart when there is a tsunami because you can get killed if you are slow.

By Maopa

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Devastating Tsunami in Japan

Tonight on Nightline, we are reporting to you live from Japan about a tsunami.

The tsunami looks like total chaos. Cars were falling on the ground. Boats were crashing into houses. People are swept away from the big waves. It was a devastation!

We heard objects splashing into the enormous waves. People were screaming as the tsunami came. The tsunami sounded like a roaring lion. It damaged lots of stuff like buildings, cars and people's boats. Power lines and signs were crashing with people as well as trees.

People are not liking this dangerous tsunami. Everyone is trying to escape the tsunami. Kids are crying and screaming and parents are panicking to save their children. People are confused, sad and afraid.

I think that tsunamis are dangerous and powerful. It is also horrendous because it can destroy many lives and the environment.

Now that the tsunami has finished all you can see is everything floating sadly in the sea.

(This is my description that I wrote for my Writing test)

By Angelina

Friday, June 10, 2011

When a Tornado Strikes

When a tornado happened in the North Shore there were people flying up and cars went flying up too. There were people running from the tornado and people got hurt and went to the hospital so they could get better.
People felt sad because their houses got destroyed and there cars as well.

The tornado was spinning fast and there was chaos everywhere. People wee running, shouting and crying because of the strong wind and terrifying noises.

By Leigh-Amber

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I think about harakeke

Harakeke is a the Maori word for flax. I think harakeke is an amazing native plant. The scientific name for harakeke is Phormium Tenax. You can use harakeke to make many things like a mat, basket, bag or a fan.

Did you know that harakeke can be used as a medicine? This is why this plant is amazing because it heals many sicknesses like a toothache, earache, boils, wounds and many other sicknesses.

I think I would prefer using harakeke as a medicine than the medicine we get from the doctors. Why do I think this? Harakeke is free and you can use it to heal different types of sicknesses.

By Marcus

Information Report - Harakeke

Harakeke is a native plant. The scientific name for Harakeke is Phromium tenax.

Harakeke is green and it can remind people of hedgehog spikes. It is long and pointy. The inside blades are the young blades and they are protected by the outside blades.

Before you cut harakeke it is important to say a Karakia to bless the plant so that it can grow stronger. Say thank you to Tane Mahuta when you are saying your Karakia. If there are any left over harakeke you must put it under a bush.

Did you know harakeke heals many types of sicknesses? Harakeke can be used as a medicine. It heasls sicknesses like toothaches, earaches, boils sores and wounds.

I think harakeke is a good medicine because it respects the Maori culture and it heals many sicknesses.

By Maopa

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ROOM 7'S Korowai Cloaks

ROOM 7'S Korowai Cloaks

Press play to see how Room 7 made their Korowai Cloaks.

A korowai is a Maori cloak. It is made out of feathers. People in the Maori culture mainly wear a korowai at special occasions with pride and honour.

Making a korowai builds relationships as people work together to make this cloak. A korowai can take more than one year to create because they are mainly hand woven.

By Fa’amanu

Room 7 made a korowai. We traced our hands and put our korowai together. We were building positive relationships during the process of making our korowai. Each group agreed on a korowai design and colours for their korowai. We enjoyed making our korowai cloak.

By Angelina

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All about me by Room 7

We have put together a collage about who we are as individuals.
These collage represent our culture and personality.