Monday, June 20, 2011

A Devastating Tsunami in Japan

Tonight on Nightline, we are reporting to you live from Japan about a tsunami.

The tsunami looks like total chaos. Cars were falling on the ground. Boats were crashing into houses. People are swept away from the big waves. It was a devastation!

We heard objects splashing into the enormous waves. People were screaming as the tsunami came. The tsunami sounded like a roaring lion. It damaged lots of stuff like buildings, cars and people's boats. Power lines and signs were crashing with people as well as trees.

People are not liking this dangerous tsunami. Everyone is trying to escape the tsunami. Kids are crying and screaming and parents are panicking to save their children. People are confused, sad and afraid.

I think that tsunamis are dangerous and powerful. It is also horrendous because it can destroy many lives and the environment.

Now that the tsunami has finished all you can see is everything floating sadly in the sea.

(This is my description that I wrote for my Writing test)

By Angelina


Ms Hansell said...

Hello Angelina,
I have really enjoyed your report on the Tsunami. You have used some great vocabulary, especially "horrendous". Congratulations, from Ms Hansell(Principal)

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