Friday, August 20, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jungle Drums

Yesterday on Thursday after lunch Mrs Wareham said to pack up. I thought we were going to get told off from Miss Hansell the principal. We lined up and started walking down to the hall. I heard a drumming noise. I knew we weren’t going to get a telling off. When we all got in there were heaps of African drums and we saw three people on the stage. Their names were Lucy, Chewie and Johnny. It was fun because we could drum and not write stories. We all had to do the animal dance, so did the teachers. At the end we stopped drumming and Johnny said a long time ago in Africa they used the drums for telephones and I thought it was cool.

Jungle Beats

On Thursday after lunch Mrs Wareham said to us to clean up the class as Miss Hansell wanted us to go to the hall. She said we were in trouble because we were running down the stairs. When we got to the hall we heard some noise. Then when we got in the hall there where people drumming and the people that were on the stage there called Rhythm Interactive. Their names were Johnny, Lucy and Chewy. Johnny was funny he was doing jungle dances and he was sweating so was Chewy. Johnny was getting cheeky to Chewy and Johnny said to us did Chewy get cheeky and we shouted “NO”. Johnny was leading the group and showing us some drum beats. I felt amazed because I liked the way that we were all able to join in.

By Wiremu

Jungle Drums

Jungle Drums

Yesterday after lunch room 5,6,7 and 8 had to line up outside to go to the hall. I thought that we were getting into trouble for pushing down the stairs.

When we were outside by the hall, we were all hearing banging sounds. Everyone was trying to think what that noise was in the hall. When room7 were standing at the door, I was so surprised what I saw. There was a row of drums. I sat at the front where Miss Sharma was sitting. All of us had to sit in rows and sit in front of a drum. We were drumming and I was happy. It was fun.

There were three people on the stage in front of us. Their names were Johnny, Lucy and Chewie. I thought that Johnny couldn’t talk, but he was just using actions. We all had to look and listen. It was getting noisy, but everyone was smiling even me. Johnny put us in groups and he still did not talk. In our groups we did different rhythms. Johnny, Lucy and Chewie were good at playing the drums.

Finally it was home time. Johnny told us that actions talk louder than words. And he told us what the drums a made out off. He also said that the drums were the first type of cell phone. They used them to tell the other people that enemies were coming. Then we went to our classroom and got our bag and went home.


Thank You Letter

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for the dictionaries because they will help us learn. We feel happy and thankful for all the books and the dictionaries you have given us and it has helped our education.
We like the illustrations in the dictionaries that help us to understand a word.

You also help us with reading, cooking, as well as giving us the Duffy books, which we love to read. You are very kind and we appreciate all the time that you give to us at Tamaki Primary School.

Thank you very much Rotary Club.

From Lydia

Thank You Letter

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for giving the dictionaries to all the year fours. They will help us to spell harder words. The dictionaries can help us with everything. All the year fours are so thankful for all the things that you have done for us.

The dictionaries will encourage us to learn more things about a word. Thank you very much for the Duffy books because they help us to improve our reading.

So thank you once again.

From Edward

Thank You Letter

Dear Rotary Club,

We thank you for giving year fours dictionaries, so it can help them with learning and gives us more interesting words to use in our writing. These dictionaries are so incredible for kids to use. The most incredible part is the illustrations, because we under stand what the meaning is and how the picture tells us about the words. The illustrations are very cool, but most of all is the spelling because if we can’t spell something we can look it up in our dictionary.

We thank you so much for the help you have given us
But thanks to the Rotary Club the dictionaries and the Duffy books are all helping with our education.

From Meleana
Did you know African elephants live to be eighty years old.Elephants tusk are outside their teeth to help them to get more food.Elephants are the biggest land animals. APPEARANCE
Elephants have really big ears. Did you know that an African Elephants trunk is a nose that helps them drink.Baby elephants are born with hair.
Are you aware that elephants eat grass and they are vegetarian.Elephants use their trunk to lift the food.
Elephants live in the grassland in Africa.Elephants live by the river.African elephants live with their family.
The female elephant caries the baby for 22 months. Grandma is the boss because she knows where the river is.

By Romeo.
Did you know African elephants can live to eighty years old.African elephants have sharp tusks outside their mouth.They are the biggest and largest animals in the land.
African elephants have really giant ears.African elephants have a trunk as a nose.Baby elephants are called a calf.
African elephants eat grass and leaves.They use the trunk to lift up food.They also eat fruit and vegetarians.
Have you ever wondered where African elephants live? African elephants near trees and river. Also on grassland.
African elephants are the largest animals in the eath.And a amazing creatures overcome the hot heat of Africa.
I think kid’s at Tamaki Primary School should have swimming twice a year because drowning is the third highest cause of death, so it’s a good idea to learn to swim.

Not many people know 41 people have drowned in the last five month’s because some of our beaches are not safe.

Adults should teach kid’s how to swim so they can survive when swimming on their own.They will be able to help themselves or someone else if they get into trouble.

NZ is surrounded by water so we need to learn how to swim.Learning to swim is exciting, fun and could save your life or someone else’s life.

Ms Hansell I hope I have persuaded you to let us go swimming twice a year.So that we can learn more skills.

By Edward.
The Journey of Flora
Flora is a worm. She likes adventures and she lives in Worm Garden. One night a big bird swooped away her house. As the bird flew, other birds got jealous and fought over the house. As the house shook, Flora woke up. She looked outside, she was shocked because Flora was in the air but inside her house she thought as if she were dead. Flora was waiting to go to heaven. She drawed and when she saw a quick flash of light she went outside as the house stopped. The big birds were there, one of the families members ate her tail. Flora said “who cares I can grow another one”. Flora ran because she did not like being with the big birds. Flora ran and ran but she did not see where she was going and she fell out of the big birds nest. Flora thought she was flying . . . . . . . . . . ! BANG ! Flora fell on the ground. Flora did not know where she was. Flora walked for hours until she heard music and then she looked through a pile of leaves and she saw heaps of worms in a Worm City with all of the things you would ever want. Flora made friends with some worms. She got worried about her family and she wanted to go back to Worm Garden. She asked her friends if they know the way to go back to Worm Garden. They all said “no”. Then one of her friends said “yes” and her name is Ruth. Ruth said “my dad has finished his invention that is called the flying car, we can use that to go faster “. “I’ll go get the flying car then” she said again “O.K” said Flora. When Ruth got the flying car they hopped on it. They flew to the sky and when birds came they flew side to side and then they saw Worm Garden and they flew down and Flora saw her parents and they hugged one another and then Flora said “bye” and they felt happy.

By Lydia.