Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Did you know African elephants live to be eighty years old.Elephants tusk are outside their teeth to help them to get more food.Elephants are the biggest land animals. APPEARANCE
Elephants have really big ears. Did you know that an African Elephants trunk is a nose that helps them drink.Baby elephants are born with hair.
Are you aware that elephants eat grass and they are vegetarian.Elephants use their trunk to lift the food.
Elephants live in the grassland in Africa.Elephants live by the river.African elephants live with their family.
The female elephant caries the baby for 22 months. Grandma is the boss because she knows where the river is.

By Romeo.


Ms Hansell said...

I have learnt so much from your information report Romeo. I did not know elephants were born with hair and that the mothers carried their babies for 22 months - that is so long!

Miss Kelly said...

What a great information report Romeo. Elephants are really fascinating animals! I did not know they live to be eighty years old. Well done Romeo.

Caprice and Phoenix Room 7. said...

Nice job Romeo. Very informative report. Well done!

Writer's Wall said...

You hooked me in the whole way through your report. Did you know that the Grandma elephant is also called the matriarch? Well done Romeo!

Mrs Anderson

Haina Room 7 said...

Nice work Romeo! You hooked me the whole way through.

Aaron Room 7 said...

Hi Romeo. Your information report is cool and very interesting! I didnt know that much about elephants before.

Anonymous said...

Great work Romeo.I like your information.Well Done.By Malia.