Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Information Sentences about Early Polynesian Sailors

Did you know waka hulls were made from breadfruit wood.

Are you aware the big waka could carry 50 people.

As strange as it may seem they find the land by the stars, moon, sun and birds.

Did you know that early pacific sailors made ropes out of coconut fibres.

Not many people know that waka sails were made from pandanus leaves.

Did you know sailors tied themselves to waka to stay safe in bad weather.

By Karimullah

Information Report: Early Pacific Sailors

Early Pacific sailors travelled the sea on the large voyaging waka. The sailors came from places like Samoa and Tonga to NZ. This was the start of pacific migration. Its when you leave one country to live in another country.

The boat was large. It could take 50 people at a time. The hull was made from breadfruit wood and the sail from Pandanus Leaves. The ropes were made from the brown hairs on the outside of the coconut and it helped the sailors stay tied to the boat in bad, stormy weather.

The sailors ate banana and taro and the Polynesian explorers went on long trips. They knew they had to find food and water on the way there. Water was carried in large gourds with wooden plugs. Sailors put the gourds behind the boats in the water, to keep the water cool.

When they were close to land, the Tahuna would see changes in wave patterns, water colour, fish, birds and seaweed. As well as this they could smell the land.

The early sailors were brave because they travelled a long way without a map.
By Kitiona