Sunday, February 16, 2014

All About Cypress

Kiaora, Malo lelei, and hello, my name is Cypress and this is a description about me. I am 11 years old and I come from the one and only New Zealand. I am a maori that was born in Auckland 2003. I go to Tamaki Primary School and live in Panmure. I have lovely dark brown eyes, a small little nose, clean white teeth, a short body, short arms, skinny bones and dark brown hair. I am short but not too short. I like to play sport My hobby is skating and my favourite food is the KFC and butter chicken. My skin is brown tanned. I hate eating carrots and tomatoes. I love to play video games because I am a game freak and usually watch T.V. Right now I hold record for the best drummer in the school. My favourite sport is rugby league, I like to joke around and laugh with my friends. My personality is just about goofing around and at school I just focus on my work.

In my family I have two annoying sisters, my nan and my mum. We live in a very quiet street with with nice neighbors. My sisters are really distracting and annoying or in other ways they are eggs when I am at home. My nan cleans around the house while my mums at work earning money. My friends around our street play outside after school so we can cool down. We have three bedrooms in our house, one bathroom, a kitchen, the laundry room and the lounge.

I live in Auckland NZ. Like I said I am a maori. In our community It is peaceful and friendly. We go to a school that is five minutes a walk away from our house. We have a local store next to our school and one up the hill next to our house. Our street is small and has only one exit to get out of it. Some of my friends from school live next to our street and some family members too.

In the future I want to be a professional musician. Some inspiring people to me are Nelson mandela and Martin Luther King. These two people inspired me because, MTK dreamed that black and white people will get along and Nelson Mandela inspired black and white people to get along he was also Africa's first black president.

I hope you enjoyed this description about me, Bye.