Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Grammarnastics Term Reflection by John, Cypress, Cavhyon and Brandon

This work highlight some of the different language features and figurative language types that room 7 have been studying this term for Grammarnastics. These language features will help make our writing more engaging and interesting for our audience.

This is a presentation that I have completed concerning grammarnastics. I have completed this task with my fellow peers such as Cypress,Cavhyon and Brandon. This presentation includes all the different language features that our class have used this term.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mele's Magic Sea Poem


Here is an example of some of the fantastic poems 
that Room 7 created with the wonderful Mrs Manuyag 
if you have a chance come and check out the rest of our poems and pastel art outside Room 7!

by Mele

The wind and rain
have swept the black sand clean.
A new part of a sand will appear

The waves become violent,
 as if they had no fear of anything.
All they care about is themselves.
People can never imagine,
just how angry the sea can be.
when you go out on a ship...
Boats disappear,

McKoy's views on different fishing practices

Here is an example of the work Room 7 has been completing as part of their inquiry topic Tagata o le Moana (People of the Sea). Here are McKoy's opinions on the positives and negatives associated with different types of fishing practices. 

Loni, Kereama, Marsel and Mele Marine Pollution Inquiry

Here is the fantastic inquiry presentation created by Loni, Kereama, Marsel and Mele on marine pollution. 

This is my presentation about pollution and the effects it has to our environment.

Tuakana/Teina Buddy Writing - Khorus and Lydia

Here is a wonderful example of buddy narrative writing that Room 7 did with Room 9 as part of our tuakana/teina chool programme.  Khorus and Lydia have written an interesting and exciting story with some great examples of figurative language. Ka mau te wehi to mahi! Awesome work!

Today for writing me and my buddy's Lydia and Hevani did a story about a anglerfish and a shark.