Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back to School by Room 7

Let us tell you about what back to school means to us. 
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Build Ups by Mavis

Build ups are positive things you know you can say to cheer someone up!


Hola and Talofa lava my name is Mavis, a name I say everyday with traces of pride. I wake up each day bubbly,active,hopeful I always wake up  like this because I know that it’s a new day. I was raised to be polite to people ,I talk about my culture as if it is my life. Being the person I am is like walking in heaven. I am not someone that  other people want me to be I am someone I want me  to be. My aspirations are to be a photographer and a news reporter, I also want to be someone that helps paralysed people to take a step forward   towards  another journey.Another life.My inspirations are Adeline Yen Mah a girl despised by her family, known to her family as bad luck after her mother died giving birth to her.She fought the odds and became a nurse in England.Johnny Depp is my idol due to how he acts in all his movies.

My Dad,Lumanai from Savaii raised us the fa'asamoa way with our mum, Uini from Siumu. Nurlight, is my big brother. His birthplace is a mystery to me for that I do not know where he was born. My big sister Marise was born in American samoa a place I wish to visit. My little brother and I were both born in Auckland, New Zealand.I am grateful that my family raised me the fa’samoa way if I hadn’t I would never had understood my culture.My family is the ladder that leads me to my future,friends are the steps to the bridge and my teacher is the bridge that helps me continue on in my journey.

I grew up all my life knowing that I was a resident  in the Panmure part of the Tamaki Community. My community is chaotic yet friendly,busy but clean.The community I am a resident in is very competitive.Nearly every holiday programmes,new buildings and even competitions are being created.

My hobbies are stitched tightly to my everyday routine. I am committed to making sure that I have at least read one interesting novel. I love to go outside but my legs are weighed down by laziness.I hug my bed as if there is no tomorrow.I marvel over how my culture manages to change  stories into tattoos.A womans  Malu fascinates me as it is simple and clear but there is a very detailed story behind. A mans so namiki is a piece of art transplanted from a piece of paper onto skin.

Every night in my dreams I hope that one day, one day soon I will get to make my dreams and ambitions reality by making it into the media entertainment business. Such as news reporting, acting or even filmmaking. Nightmares are another thing, there are multiple things I’m afraid of but one thing I am really afraid of is losing my family’s trust or being an outcast to my family. I will live my dream because I believe I can. Do you?

The Wonders of the Game

WALT - use poetic language in our description.

I feel as though I’m going to win this game. Debbie hasn’t even looked here. Should I go out and look for her? Or should I just stay here? I don’t know, well I’ll stay here! The dampness of the bark is making me itch all over, I feel nervous to be caught and happy in a way  to not be caught. The insects are crawling around inside the bark like crazy.

I taste the damp, moist bark crawling into my mouth. I can taste my drips of sweat as they drip onto my face like  droplets of rain! I taste the sweet scent of flowers rising, and rising in the crisp air.

I hear cars zooming past and their brakes screeching to stop. Kids and people having
I fun and laughing as happy as ever. Dogs barking, and birds chirping! Rustling leaves and swaying trees. How wonderful can it be?

The damp moist tree trunk smelling like nothing, popcorn popping in the air. I smell the lawn just being mowed by one of the most best mowers. I sniff myself and I smell like soap. As clean as ever! I sniff the air. Lollypops I guess? Well I don't know.

I see other trees swaying and standing straight as tall as giraffes. Children, people and families playing tag or rugby. Birds wings flapping and flipping as they fly happily out of their nests and cars driving past so fast that they’re being chased by the police. I can see the bees gathering and collecting pollen for us to create honey.The sunshine is just shining on me so bright that I can’t even look up to it. Now that I’ve been here for a long time now, I must go home and seek for Debbie, to play again.

This is my description on a picture of a boy who is hiding behind a big tree. To see the picture look below. I hope you like it. Please leave me some positive comments on how I did.

The Garage Sale by Loni

This week I read a book about a family going to a garage sale.

The family in this story went to the garage sale. Mum bought a jacket for her daughter,
the girls bought a hockey stick and a necklace ring. They also bought a table, some games and books.They went home after the garage sale and enjoyed the new things they bought.

Hide and Seek by Loni

James is at the back of the  tree which is thick, grey and rough. James can see kids playing
cars and cat,birds.

While standing beside the tree, he hears the motorbikes zooming past and a noisy dog barking. He can also hear laughter from the kids. 

James is hiding from his brother and they are playing hide go seek. James feels nervous as he waits for his brother.

James feels nervous about getting caught. He can taste the damp tree. He is watiting for his brother to find him.

This is my description I wrote this week during writing time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Build Ups and Put Downs by Caprice

This is my PowerPoint that I created using Google Docs presentation. This is about Build Ups and Put Downs. Build ups are positive sayings and Put downs are negative sayings! Please leave me some comments!!

My Brother - By Mavis

                         This is a metaphor poem about my big brother.I chose my brother because he is one of those people who are awesome in their own way


Talofa lava and welcome to the adventure of me. Hi my name is Timothy and I have short bristly  black hair, I have a beautiful smile that sparkles like diamonds. I have deep varying shades of brown eyes. I wish that one day I will become a successful All Black. I am proud to be Samoan. I am short and of medium build. I am muscly but  not up to the standard that I would like to be. However lets move on with the story.
T is for Talent
I is for Intelligent  
M  is for Moonwalker
O is for Online
T is for Tough
H is for Helpful
Y is for Youth
This Is Me!!

My Family is awesome. In my family there are  3 sisters and 2 brothers. One sister goes to Tamaki College, that is Trish. My eldest sister works for a house painter. My little sister goes to Tamaki Primary. My little brother is in Samoa with my Aunty and my other brother who is 3, goes to a Samoan school in Glen Innes.My dad works in Mt Wellington and so does my Mother. My Dad and Mum are caring and they both spoil me and help with homework but not give me the answers. My sister Trish she is like the next Hulk that is going to smash me.

The community I live in is Tamaki. I live in G.I. I go church on sundays with my family and friends in Otara. I live in a place where there are heaps of people I can be friends with and I am getting to know them well. The best place I like going to is school, thats were I get my learning skills from my Teacher. The best teacher in the world is Ms Aireen.

In my family I am the third eldest boy and like to play rugby. When I was younger, my Dad would always give me the rugby ball to play with. My Dad inspired me to play rugby. When I turned 10, I played for the Manurewa Marlins Rugby League Team. My dad would always nag me to wake up for my rugby games. Then when I turned 11, I headed over to play for Varsity University. What I like about my culture is the food, especially pig. Every Sunday we always have a feast at the Pastors house. But what I like most about my culture is the Samoan traditional game Kilikiti.  My goal for 2013 is to start listening to the the teacher and keeping my hands of my keyboard when she tells to stop. 


Malo lelei my name is Tupou  I am 12 years old and also I am a year eight.I have long black spikey hair with chubby cheeks and a cheeky smile. I am reliable because if you give me a job I always get it done. I am determined because I won the school fundraising for selling the most cards,  I am clumsy because I always drop stuff and I am athletic because I like sports. I come from a family that is all Tongan but when I was all little I was born in New Zealand. At home I am very fluent at speaking English but I never speak Tongan because I was not taught by anyone,I know I can teach myself but I’m just too lazy like a pig sleeping all day(not all the times).

I have an older sister named Tabitha.She is a computer because she always has to correct when I’m wrong. My younger brother’s name is Sapu he is a faster than a cheetah sprinting through the forest because every time I race him he wins sometimes. Every time  when it is someone's birthday in our family we always have to celebrate it like it’s a big fiesta in Mexico or something but sometimes... when it’s my birthday they just chill at home like there’s nothing going on today but I’m great with that.

The community I come from is Tamaki. Tamaki is in between Glen Innes and Panmure. I lived in Tamaki since I was just a little boy but when I was five I moved to Mt Roskill with my mum and went to another school called Wesley primary school but I didn’t like so I moved back.My parents haven’t always lived in Tamaki their  whole lives they moved to three different houses. One in Pakuranga one in Onehunga and one in Papetoai.

My favourite sport I like to play is soccer because I like moving around in big areas because every time you run you can feel the fresh breeze blowing in your face. I never in my life been to Tonga because I was not born there or I haven’t been on a plane to there. I would really like to visit Tonga because I would really like to see people my culture. My hobby is playing drums because the first time I tried it out I enjoyed because I liked the beats it’s like I’m a boombox.

My hopes in T.P.S for 2013 is to get a excellent report at the end of the year and try to get a prize this year in prizegiving. My fears are not getting a good grade for all my subjects and getting a bad report in the end of the year.

Don’t stay in the shadows and hide forever have the freedom to be free and live your life.


Ni sa yandra and Malo ni my name that I speak proudly is Salome and this is how you will get to know me.
I am a pacific Islander girl from Fiji,Samoa and Tokelau but born and raised in New Zealand,I have ink black hair with traces of brown in it.I am smart because I always do my work,helpful when someone is hurt, kind hearted ,artistic,quiet(when I want to be, mostly at school) and even silly(only at home).I am a responsible person that knows how to take care of myself like a golden sparrow flying and finding her way through the world,but can take care of others too. Being me is awesome and hard because there is just so many thing I want to do and so many things I can do.

I live with my Mum ,sister and brother,I am the youngest in the family and that is awesome because they alway protect me from harm.I have family everywhere no matter how far I go.This shows that my family will always be there for me and that they are loving like a big cuddly panda bear,wise like an owl and reliable like your dog who is always there beside you when you are sad .I always need my family because they are my favourite blanket that I always need to be wrapped around me to keep me warm and safe,and if it get too hot they are the breeze that passes me to keep me

I am apart of the Tamaki Community where my school is part of a programme called the Manaiakalani were my school can use netbooks as a learning tool just as other schools can in the Tamaki Community such as Pt England School,St Pius X School and Tamaki College.Having a netbook is great because I can share my finished work online on my blog to the world.Also in our community we have the G.I pools,where everyone in the family can go and and enjoy themselves on a long and boring day.My community can spread all the way out from Pt England,Glen Innes and all the way to Panmure which is cool because there is so many people I can meet.

My sporting interest include softball,netball and basketball.Basketball was always my favourite sport,netball was just introduced to me late last year when the year 7 and six made a netball team, and softball is not a sport I like to play as a competition but as for fun.My Cultural interest is going to the Kilikiti(Tokelauan cricket)with my mum I don’t play it most of the time but I do watch it and then after the game my family has a big feed and just start dancing.My hobbies mostly include art and reading and if I am outside the house I am either swimming,at PAK N SAV or if I am lucky at Sylvia Park shopping.

One of my biggest hopes is to earn a scholarship this year to a good boarding school for my years in college,and to become a top surgeon in New Zealand when I am older.My biggest fear here in T.P.S is not achieving my goals and not getting a scholarship.Once again being me is awesome and hard because there is so much things I want to do and so many things I can DO!


N is for nice
G is for great
A is for active
T is for trustworthy
O is for original
K is for kind
U is for unique
R is for respectful
U is for ulturmite
A is for  action
What Does That Spell NGATOKURUA!

Kia orana my name is Ngatokurua I'm 12 years old and I go to Tamaki Primary School. I’m not
that tall but i’m taller than some of my friends.not all of them and it’s kind of cool .I have Beautiful bright shiny straight hair like beyonce but her one is curly.I have cool sparkly eyes like the stars,I'm loving because I love my family, I'm respectful because I listen to my mum,sometimes silly(at home and school) funny (At school),I have beautiful olive shiny skin.

F is for father
A is for and
M is for mother
I  is for I
L  is for love
Y  is for You

I have two fabulous sisters named Jadaleigh and Bella and two handsome brothers named Little - Man/David and Levi.I am the second oldest,its cool for me because I’m responsible for my younger brother and sisters.I have a stunning mum named Jackie and a handsome dad named David. I love my family so much because they support me my brothers and sisters all the time.

I come from a beautiful clean community named Tamaki. Theres a few beaches around  Tamaki I'm so lucky that I have talented  friends like,Destiny,Faith,Timothy,Tim,Edward,Unique,Salome,Loni,Caprice,Johnny,Mavis,Harmony,
Charday,Bella,Beautiful,Fili,Mei,Brooklyn,Lolo,William, Quita, Lesieli ,Sake, Peter, Sam,

My favourite sport is Rugby because my Grandad George taught me how to rip the Rugby ball out of peoples hands I'm interesting at  .My Nana also taught me how to play as well. I Am A Cook Island and I can’t wait to go to the Cook Islands at the end of the year.I can’t really speak Cook Island but can sometimes understand the language I am a Maori I'm not fluent.My favourite hobbies is playing with my friends and going to the pools/beach in the weekends,I sometimes  stay at my friends house or they stay at my house.

My hopes for 2013 at Tamaki primary School is to use descriptive language in my work,using inferring skills,reading between the lines,more descriptions in my story. My fears for 2013 is that I won’t get high grades in my work but I know with the right, positive attitude I can achieve all my learning goals this year.


Kia ora,Talofa lava and Greetings to all...

My name is Edward I am a eleven years old and I am a Year seven student, who goes to Tamaki Primary School. I am a cool,kind,caring,cheerful young boy who is inspired by education and learning. I am always aware of learning new things and also I am an reliable,responsible young man.One day I wish to inspire the whole world to have a wonderful education.
You may not know this but my family and friends are the people who inspire me to do my best in education and life.They are a caring,kind,happy,loveable source that keeps me together with everything in life. Now I feel that whatever I do they will be beside me in my learning history.School is the place that is leading me to the path to where my education will be set to the maximum standard.

My community I live in is Panmure. Panmure is one of the first places I have lived in. I knew that Tamaki Primary school was the one for me. Once I  started this school I was shy but now I know that fear does not mean anything to me. It is what you are on the inside that makes you who you are in life, meaning if you are shy don’t worry its life.     

From school I am encouraged by sport. The best sport that I will love to accomplish when I’m older will have to be a successful softball player.Then I will learn how to pitch and bat.I am a Cook Island description so far! I lsland African and I am proud of who I am.My hobbies are science I like science because it is a interesting thing to do when you are bored I love science.

My hopes and dreams at Tamaki Primary School will have to be learning how I education can inspire and encourage others to do their best in life and also in learning.My fear and learning at Tamaki primary school will have to be not achieving my goals and also not setting my work to a high stranded.


C is for cool, H is for happy, A is for awesome, R is for radiant, D is for dreamer,
A is for amazing and Y is for young.  Kia Ora my name is Charday Liddicoat.  I am a Maori and I am always proud of my culture.  I am 12 years old and I am in year 7 at school.  People say I am kind, shy and cool.  I have light brown eyes that sparkle like diamonds and twinkle like stars when I talk or laugh.  I am quite tall for my age and often feel as if I am looking down at my friends.

My family is quite large.  I have five brothers and one stepbrother.  I am the only girl in my family.  My brothers’ names are Ari, Taylor, Daniel, Wiremu and Kauri and my older stepbrother,  who is older than all of us, is Zane.  My mum is called  Charlotte and my dad is called William and I also have a dog named Snoopy.  My family is fun to live with because we always try  to make each other laugh all the time. My family is also kind  because we help each other when we are hurt or upset.  My family is helpful because they always help my friends when they are hurt.  I love my family because they are very loveable and they are kind.

I come from  the Tamaki community.  It has shops, pools and lots of people. There are some beautiful beaches in the Tamaki area. It also has lots of schools and I go to Tamaki Primary which feels like the heart of my community. I love the Tamaki community because the people are friendly and all help each other.

My favourite sports are rugby and touch but the sport that I am best at is netball.  When I was nine years old,  I always watched netball and that inspired me to become a good   netball player. My culture is Maori but I only know a few  Maori words like Kia Orana. I  would like to belong to a Maori cultural group when I get older.  I also want to be a singer because I love Taylor Swift, especially because her songs are cool.I hope I get to met Taylor Swift  one day because I am a big fan of her and I hope I get to be a singer.   

My biggest fear at Tamaki Primary is that every day brings me closer to when I have to leave the school and move on to college. My hopes for this year are that I get into school sports team and that my work continues to improve. 


Talofa lava, Hello and hola my name is Misimoa and welcome to my interesting world. My  background was set in Samoa I was there until I was two months then me and my mum flew here where the kiwi’s live the beautiful New Zealand. I am 12 years old and also a  year eight in school I have short silk hair sometimes soft and sometimes rough and I have chubby cheeks and I also go to a mormon church (LDS). I am funny because I tell hilarious jokes, clumsy when I’m not concentrating on the topic, cheerful because I always cheer for my friends and faithful because I have faith in God. I speak Samoan and English at home mostly Samoan but I don’t know that much samoan only a little bit but when my family talks to me I just “Yeah” to make it look like I understand. I also have my besties Tupou, Tevita, Johnny and Tim Fi They're the ones who back me up sometimes they also make me laugh, cry (happy) they make me feel like I am a mature adolescence.  

I come from a family of eight, my old sister is Lorrine and she is quieter than a mouse waiting for the right moment to strike. My second oldest is Mavis she’s the grouchy one she can growl like there’s no tomorrow and my oldest sister is Sina she’s the responsible one so whatever goes on in the house she sorts it out like Dr Phill. I also live with my two cousins to me they are like my brothers who help me when needed and my nana she sleeps a lot. You never know when she’s going to shut down plus my mum and dad they're really cool because they help me in school. Whatever I need they’re there for me then there’s me but my grandpa he was the coolest guy in the world I think he was stronger than David Tua’s dad but my grandpa is dead now so all the cool days are gone but I will always remember some.

My community is Tamaki around all of panmure and G.I I live in panmure so that’s how I know I live in the Tamaki community. My school is part of the Manaiakalani cluster. The Manaiakalani is where we got our netbooks from. I live on Tripoli Rd that’s near Panmure Bridge School. For college I’m going to One Tree Hill. It’s funny because my mum told me “What college do want to go to?” I replied “Mt Roskill” she said “No your going to One Tree Hill” and I was thinking then why did you ask me ooohhh waste of time.

My hobbies include soccer and touch which is my thing. Touch is a good game because you get a lot of great opportunities to run with the ball and get a try. Soccer is the most athletic sport in the world they get a lot of money more than basketball players can you believe it. I come from Samoa where all the islanders are live. Samoa, Samoa is a country where little kid climb the biggest trees just to get one cocoanut. They are using all of that strength just for one cocoanut. Samoa is also a country where people walk around bare feet on the hot spicy concrete.  

My hopes  for 2013 is getting an award for in prize giving, getting excellences in my work and not getting distracted, going into every interschool sport for year 7&8 by the people around me and get some excellences in my work, I’d also like to get a good education and getting better at maths and going up into the highest group. My fears in T.P.S are not getting excellence, staying in at playtime and finishing my work, getting caught playing games, not getting anything in prize giving, not getting a good education.

Learning from success is important but learning from failure is vital to succeeding.


(be humble, don’t flaunt your knowledge, through the eye of Maori). I do not try to be better than anyone else, I try to be better than myself.

Kia Ora,  my name is Caprice. My culture is Maori Cook Island and I am proud of it! I am 11 years old. The school I go to is Tamaki Kura and I’m in Room 7. My name is French Italian. It means that I have an jovial nature but is apt to have an emotional life. I am a sporty person. This means that I like to play sports inside and out of school. I’m a outgoing because I am not shy to contribute in anything such as school sports teams. Funny because I always tell my friends things that are really funny to them, and a dreamer because I dream of being a scientist who studies bodies! My hobbies include hanging out in my room, hanging out with my friends, or just  kicking back with my funny family at home. Sometimes I want to save my pocket money, but then I end up spending it. My favourite singer is Beyonce because she inspires me to sing! I have wavy, ink black hair, with traces of brown in it. As dark as chocolate. My eye colour is light brown. They are the colour of dark brown tree trunks. I love to study and learn more about whatever it is we are learning. My favourite subject for college is going to be history. This is because I love to study about the truth, not just things that are made up out of peoples minds. The special thing about me is that I’m the only girl in my family and I get anything I like. I am a responsible person who knows how to take care of myself like a golden bird flying around the world to try and capture others to take care of(but I have to ask first their parents first).

F is for father
A is for and
M is for mother
I is for I
L is for love
Y is for you.

In my family I have 3 brothers and no sisters. I have one pet puppy named Yogi Bear Davis. My brothers names are Cavhyon who is 10 years old, Dupri who is 8 years old, and Daimai who is 8 years old also. My mums name is Ariana Davis, my dads name is Jimi Tokoa, and my step dads name is Rex Toia. I love my family because they treat me the way I want to be treated. My mum and dad whai kai mo to whanau (provides food for my family) and always loves us well. I love my family and I don’t want them to change to impress my friends or anyone else!

I come from the Tamaki Community and I am proud of it! Our community is clean and sometimes it’s a rubbish bin! Theres a few beaches around our community and there are public pools. I am so lucky to have the friends I have now, they are talented and inspiring, these friends are: Ngatokurua, Beautiful, Bella, Destiny, Charday, Fili, Faith, Mei, Brooklyn, Unique, Salome, Harmony, Lolo, William, Quita, Lesieli, Sake, Peter, Mavis, Sam, and many more.

My favourite sport is Rugby because I can just run through people like I’m flying on the ground. Netball is another option because you can shoot hoops and my mum loved playing it when she was young, so she passed the experience down to me! I go to a Marae in Thames, which was where I was born and raised until the age of 3.
Also I love to do kapa haka, and sing Maori songs with my mum and dad! My mum calls our family the Te whanau o te harakeke which means the family of flax. This is because we have flax all inside our house, and we love to use it to make kete’s, Maori flowers, and more. Algunos de mis otras aficiones son apoyar a mis hermanos como una molesta mosca ellos y observando cada uno de sus pasos. Soy muy protectora de mis hermanos, a pesar de que tenemos nuestro tiempo en casa (some of my other hobbies include supporting my brothers like a fly bugging them and watching their every step. I am very protective over my brothers, even though sometimes we have our times at home or even out of home!)

My hopes and fears for this year at Tamaki Primary School, is that I’m afraid that I might grow and my personality might change, then I might hate the friends I was really friends with for a long time. My hopes are to become a responsible leader for the younger ones at our school. I want to become a reliable trustworthy person who can take care of herself with no help from others, who can take care of others as well. I fear of me becoming a horrible,bad person to one and others. I hope that things will not change, I hope that I get a better life if I just keep calm and learn at school. Being at T.P.S for 4 years has been an experience for me to know that I’m not the only person in the world! to know that there are others out there who have hopes and fears too. I want hope that in Room 7 all this thinking about me being a bad person will change and it starts right now! I want to achieve my goals and I want to achieve my work in Intermediate, I want to leave this class at the end of this year with a big smile on my face, looking back at the times I mucked up, and remembering that it’s just the beginning of the end!! My fears is not getting an excellence in my description. I want to develope, I want to use more critical thinking to understand the type of language that we are talking about. I want to use more of my prior knowledge to figure out clues in something I’m reading, I want to improve on my maths, and I definitely look forward to trips this year. Don’t lose hope, when the sun goes down the stars go out! Smile let everyone know that TODAY you’re alot stronger than yesterday.

This is my Self Description. I have used poetic language and language that has represented me! This is what I look like:


Talofa Lava and Kia Orana my name is Faith and this is my story about me. I am the eldest child of three, I am a mixture of Samoan, Cook Island and I am proud to be both of these cultures. I see myself as an open and self-independent person when needed, I have respect for my elders and everyone who I know and don’t know. I can be curious when I think something is wrong or something is suspicious because all I want is peace and happiness for all my friends and family. I believe in our heavenly father because if it wasn’t for Him I wouldn’t be here today.

My family are honest and truthful with everything that is good or bad, they own some of the biggest hearts, they are always there for me to lean on and they always they give me brighter day. They are all that I’m grateful to have. My family are also gifted with talent (e.g home chef’s, voices/singers, dancers, culture performers and they can play instruments.) My family has always been there for me and I’m proud to have a family like them. I would say my family is like a tree that keeps on growing and growing and growing.

I come from a community that is made up of Panmure and Glen Innes, and our community is called the Tamaki Community. In our community we are surrounded by loving and caring people who run our community and also take part and bring new things to our community such as fun day, santa parade, library activities, youth town and so much more so that families like mine can join in and participate. I love the community I come from because it is filled with so many things and so many people who are bright with smiles, laughter from children, yawns from hard working people. We might not have the best community in the city but I’m proud to be a part of it.

If I haven’t already told you but I have a lot of interest in where both sides of my family come from. I love hearing the stories of the olden days because it tells me a story of where I come from. The main things that inspire me most is the interest and eager that everyone has in culture dancing (such as the hula), playing musical instruments (island drums, guitar, ukelele...) but one of my favourites are the costumes and quilts that our Mamas/Grandmothers/Aunts/Mothers make by hand, they are the most beautiful pieces of clothing I’ve seen. Also the cooks which I like to call my island chefs in my family that make astonishing dishes, and that is where I think I get my love and passion of wanting to become a head chef.

My hopes for 2013 is to achieve above the standard in everything I do and not let anyone stop me from achieving my goals. I want to finish off my last year at intermediate feeling proud of all my hard work but also to be a good person in myself. This means to be the bright and intelligent girl I want everyone to see, have respect for everyone, be kind and accept everyone for who they are and to always be positive about the future that I have ahead of me. Did I tell you? Well there is a little dark, black and ugly cloud inside of me that I’m scared of and that is my fears. I’m scared that this year that I will lose another loved one, change into someone I don’t want to be, but most of all to let everything I worked for so hard go down the drain.  With positive thinking I know I can achieve the impossible with my learning this year. This is me, Faith Kaitai-Samu!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Back to School!

We have had a great start to the year. We have new furniture in our class, new teachers at our school and have formed positive relationships with everyone in our class. We are all looking forward to working hard and achieving our learning goals this year.

We have used Popplet to brainstorm what 'back to school' means to us. Take a look below.

Hi it's is our first week back at school we had a lot of fun so we decided to do a reflection or in this case a popplet to see what back to school means to us.This is what back to school means to me- By Mavis

Back to school Popplet by Tupou

Here's my popplet of what back to school means to me

By Salome

By Tim