Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Talofa lava and welcome to the adventure of me. Hi my name is Timothy and I have short bristly  black hair, I have a beautiful smile that sparkles like diamonds. I have deep varying shades of brown eyes. I wish that one day I will become a successful All Black. I am proud to be Samoan. I am short and of medium build. I am muscly but  not up to the standard that I would like to be. However lets move on with the story.
T is for Talent
I is for Intelligent  
M  is for Moonwalker
O is for Online
T is for Tough
H is for Helpful
Y is for Youth
This Is Me!!

My Family is awesome. In my family there are  3 sisters and 2 brothers. One sister goes to Tamaki College, that is Trish. My eldest sister works for a house painter. My little sister goes to Tamaki Primary. My little brother is in Samoa with my Aunty and my other brother who is 3, goes to a Samoan school in Glen Innes.My dad works in Mt Wellington and so does my Mother. My Dad and Mum are caring and they both spoil me and help with homework but not give me the answers. My sister Trish she is like the next Hulk that is going to smash me.

The community I live in is Tamaki. I live in G.I. I go church on sundays with my family and friends in Otara. I live in a place where there are heaps of people I can be friends with and I am getting to know them well. The best place I like going to is school, thats were I get my learning skills from my Teacher. The best teacher in the world is Ms Aireen.

In my family I am the third eldest boy and like to play rugby. When I was younger, my Dad would always give me the rugby ball to play with. My Dad inspired me to play rugby. When I turned 10, I played for the Manurewa Marlins Rugby League Team. My dad would always nag me to wake up for my rugby games. Then when I turned 11, I headed over to play for Varsity University. What I like about my culture is the food, especially pig. Every Sunday we always have a feast at the Pastors house. But what I like most about my culture is the Samoan traditional game Kilikiti.  My goal for 2013 is to start listening to the the teacher and keeping my hands of my keyboard when she tells to stop. 

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