Wednesday, February 20, 2013


C is for cool, H is for happy, A is for awesome, R is for radiant, D is for dreamer,
A is for amazing and Y is for young.  Kia Ora my name is Charday Liddicoat.  I am a Maori and I am always proud of my culture.  I am 12 years old and I am in year 7 at school.  People say I am kind, shy and cool.  I have light brown eyes that sparkle like diamonds and twinkle like stars when I talk or laugh.  I am quite tall for my age and often feel as if I am looking down at my friends.

My family is quite large.  I have five brothers and one stepbrother.  I am the only girl in my family.  My brothers’ names are Ari, Taylor, Daniel, Wiremu and Kauri and my older stepbrother,  who is older than all of us, is Zane.  My mum is called  Charlotte and my dad is called William and I also have a dog named Snoopy.  My family is fun to live with because we always try  to make each other laugh all the time. My family is also kind  because we help each other when we are hurt or upset.  My family is helpful because they always help my friends when they are hurt.  I love my family because they are very loveable and they are kind.

I come from  the Tamaki community.  It has shops, pools and lots of people. There are some beautiful beaches in the Tamaki area. It also has lots of schools and I go to Tamaki Primary which feels like the heart of my community. I love the Tamaki community because the people are friendly and all help each other.

My favourite sports are rugby and touch but the sport that I am best at is netball.  When I was nine years old,  I always watched netball and that inspired me to become a good   netball player. My culture is Maori but I only know a few  Maori words like Kia Orana. I  would like to belong to a Maori cultural group when I get older.  I also want to be a singer because I love Taylor Swift, especially because her songs are cool.I hope I get to met Taylor Swift  one day because I am a big fan of her and I hope I get to be a singer.   

My biggest fear at Tamaki Primary is that every day brings me closer to when I have to leave the school and move on to college. My hopes for this year are that I get into school sports team and that my work continues to improve. 

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