Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Dream

Last night I dreamt of a magnificent garden.

This garden had lots of beautiful flowers which made this place very special. Standing in the middle of this garden reminded me of the colours of the rainbow because everywhere I looked there were all sorts of colourful good looking flowers. Butterflies and bees are also decorating the garden.

Walking around this garden I could see many flowers which would be suitable for different occasions. Red, white and pink roses are just right for a wedding. Dead looking flowers would be good for a funeral. Yellow bright flowers like the sun are perfect flowers that I could give to my best friend.

Sitting amongst these flowers I can hear the wind blowing and the flowers blowing at the same time. I also hear insects moving with excitement and making their own insect noises.

I feel relaxed, calm and happy. I feel this way because no one can bother me as I go deep into my thoughts and reflect on my life.

This is definitely a place that I would want to visit everyday.

By Koreniah

My House

My special place is my house because this is a place where I can have fun with my friends.

I have a healthy garden outside and flowers growing. These flowers are filling the air with a wonderful smell that makes you want to stay outside all day.

In my house I feel safe and special because I get to be myself. I also feel comfortable because I am surrounded by lots of love from my family.

By Cavhyon

A place that is beautiful to me

I dreamt of a beautiful place. This place is my church. This is a place that looks wonderful and is special to my family and me.

At this place you will hear the priest talking about the might God. I feel happy when I am at this place because I get to learn about my awesome God.

As people are sitting listening to the priest there are women who are busy cooking in the kitchen for the afternoon feast. I can smell K.F.C and it’s coming from the kitchen but I also smell something beautiful. I can smell perfume from people who are sitting around me which reminds me of the smell of beautiful flowers.

As the church service comes to an end I look around in my church and see lots of happy and joyful faces.

I like this place because I always think deeply about my life and I appreciate the things my family and friends do for me. This is my one and only beautiful place. It can be yours too.

By TJ. F

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dreaming of a Beautiful Place

It was a breezy cold night. I yawned till I fell asleep. I was so sleepy that I started dreaming. I dreamt of a romantic beach.

In this beach I see people with their bucket and spades. Family and friends are decorating the sea with shells and it looks like a colourful rainbow shinning brightly. The gold sand is transformed into terrific sandcastles. In my vision I see humongous boats sailing across the sea.

People are relaxing with their kids and enjoying the sun reflecting on the big waves. As you step back the waves come closer and creepier like a tsunami swallowing people with a massive roar. More than five people are diving in with excitement.

In my beautiful place I smell seaweed and coral filling my noise with a nice smell. I also smell sweet candy and delicious food beside me that is making my mouth watery. I suddenly feel hungry.

People are enjoying the smell of the fresh salty water. I think it smells smelly because it makes my nose feel funny.

In my vision I also hear people chatting with excitement and laughter. I also hear the wind howling as loud as a siren.

This beach makes people feel clam and relaxed. I see people looking a bit dizzy from swimming too much in the salty water. Others are looking a little crazy as they are trying to chase the seagulls away from their food. The main thing is that I feel comfortable, safe and glad because I am surrounded by people who love me.

Do you know what my beautiful place is?

By Maopa

My Beautiful Place

It was a great day at my beautiful place.

People can see the sun shining out like a diamond in the sky. They can also see people swimming and surfing in the beautiful sea water. You can also see people building a sandcastle made out of sand and shells. As you walk pass you can see people coming to relax at this beautiful place. In my beautiful place you can see big boats. The big boats look like a big lion in the water.

You can hear people talking about how wonderful this place is. You can see people listening to the birds singing.

You can feel hot, warm and cold when you are at this place.

You can smell people cooking delicious meals .The cooking smells like my mums fish.

When you are in the water you can taste the salty water. The water makes my tongue feel funny.

Have you guessed what my special place is?

By Faamanu