Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A place that is beautiful to me

I dreamt of a beautiful place. This place is my church. This is a place that looks wonderful and is special to my family and me.

At this place you will hear the priest talking about the might God. I feel happy when I am at this place because I get to learn about my awesome God.

As people are sitting listening to the priest there are women who are busy cooking in the kitchen for the afternoon feast. I can smell K.F.C and it’s coming from the kitchen but I also smell something beautiful. I can smell perfume from people who are sitting around me which reminds me of the smell of beautiful flowers.

As the church service comes to an end I look around in my church and see lots of happy and joyful faces.

I like this place because I always think deeply about my life and I appreciate the things my family and friends do for me. This is my one and only beautiful place. It can be yours too.

By TJ. F

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RKELLY said...

Great descriptive writing, TJ. I think it's wonderful that you love going to your church so much!