Saturday, May 21, 2011

ROOM 7'S Korowai Cloaks

ROOM 7'S Korowai Cloaks

Press play to see how Room 7 made their Korowai Cloaks.

A korowai is a Maori cloak. It is made out of feathers. People in the Maori culture mainly wear a korowai at special occasions with pride and honour.

Making a korowai builds relationships as people work together to make this cloak. A korowai can take more than one year to create because they are mainly hand woven.

By Fa’amanu

Room 7 made a korowai. We traced our hands and put our korowai together. We were building positive relationships during the process of making our korowai. Each group agreed on a korowai design and colours for their korowai. We enjoyed making our korowai cloak.

By Angelina

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All about me by Room 7

We have put together a collage about who we are as individuals.
These collage represent our culture and personality.