Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chasity's Personal Goal for Term 3

This is a new website I have learnt during class time. This Go Animate animation is going to be about my personal goal. So be prepared to watch this. Enjoy!

Tupou's personal goal for Term 3 using 'Go Animate'.

Personal goal by Tupou123 on GoAnimate
This a video I have created on go animate. It is a video about my personal goals I 
have set for this term.Hope you enjoy vewing.

Sam's Maths Learning Goals for Term 3 2013

Today for maths we focussed on setting learning goals for maths that we hope to achieve by the end of the term. We did this by using our start of term e-asTTle Learning Pathways.

We are using a new form of presentation called 'Go Animation'. I hope you enjoy hearing about my maths goals. 

Click below to view the first animation I created about my goals for Maths. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sau's Rap about Litter

Don’t drop litter out of the car.
Even if you are a Bollywood star.
Don’t drop litter in the school.
Even if you think your cool.

Don’t litter in the street,
Cos to dogs it’s a scrumptious treat,
Don’t litter down the drain
Cos to rats it’s may be pain

Don’t throw litter out the car
If cops find out, you won’t go far,
Don’t drop litter around the school,
People will say your not cool.

Don’t drop litter, keep the world bright,
Don’t drop litter, it’s not right.
Don’t throw litter listen to the warning

Make a change to global warming.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Don't Look Down by Salome

This week for our narrative practise we were given a sentence to use in our story and carry on from it and this was our sentence "I panicked as I looked..." and this is what I wrote.

I strapped myself into the seat and waited for the movement soon to come,people around seemed to have the same feeling but covered with fake excitement.The button was pushed and my feet started to dangle  and the ground underneath me started to disappear,was this really going to be as bad as my sister said it would be?Slowly the people waiting at the bottom started to get smaller and my view of the world started to get bigger,my stomach started to feel like it was hanging in bag waiting to drop.My legs felt like stone and my arms were nailed to my straps.

Finally at the top and the view was amazing sadly I knew I wasn't going to see it any longer but I panicked as I looked at the same time,my train of thought was then interrupted by a boy’s high pitched scream of excitement.
Any moment now.... “Ahhhhhhh!” screamed on the boy.....1....2....3.....The sudden drop made my stomach fly up from out of its bag and into the sky  it was lost and couldn't feel it ,my eye were shut but still seemed that I could see the rushing colour fly up.It quickly came to a stop and my eye were open and could feel the ground again and my stomach.

I stepped off and headed towards my group we went back to the centre of Rainbows End and I headed towards my cousin .
“Just came back from the Fear  Fall.” I said with no expression in my voice.
“ Sweet, you know when I was down here I could hear a screaming girl man felt sorry for what ride she was on.”she answered.

By Salome

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Ice Of The Canyon by Mavis

Ice erupted in my spine. Goosebumps infecting my body poisoning my hope. All I have now is a prayer held in the hands of Jesus and God. My eyes were tinted with a hunger for danger. My confidence was abused by slow regret. I stopped, there was no point in regretting now. Danger stampeded all over me scaring me with fear. I shook my head I had to concentrate. I felt like crying I didn’t care if I lost my reputation. I wouldn’t. My heart rate advanced towards a million beats a second flooding me with confusion. The word concentrate was on a  constant replay.

Adrenaline was injected into my body as if it was a pill that could cure how insane I was.I kept going I couldn't stop. The rhythm of the wind shoved up to a windy feeling. I hated this. I got down literally kneeling I cried a prayer. All thought of asking for more safety was abandoned.  I was halfway there a smile had crept across my face.  Silence strangled my throat.

The crowd was standing on the other side. Their legs pinched with horror. Doubt was erased from their faces as I continued to go.Dust was storming towards me. I shut my eyes to a squint but wide enough to have sight of the whole wire. Just a few more metres then  the  petrifying  situation would be over. 1 More meter. I  realised I was close enough to run to the end.

I ran almost leaping with joy.  I jumped off the wire and onto the other side. I hopped into the arms of my brother. He whispered “ you did it you walked  over the Grand Canyon   with no safety harness... you lucky girl” I grinned beaming with pride. I did it  I truly did it with  hope you can discover many thing. A smile had dipped over my horizon.

The Grand Canyon Tightrope Walker by Chasity

My heart ached with fear as nerves rushed up my spine. I feel a genuine rushing through my body like a lightning bolt as I take a few more steps. I shake my head trying to concentrate. My mind targets death, it is literally 1000 times worse. My blood rushes through my veins as goose bumps pop up all over my body. I can hear the voices of my fellow family members saying a prayer, asking in the hands of god to let me live.

The rhythm of the wind tries to blow me over but I keep my balance. Now there was no point of regretting now. I kept on walking. I was nearly there. My body shivers with fear as I walk a few more steps. I look over to the other side my family still praying.I couldn't Imagine how my family would feel if I died right here, I don’t but I do know that they would miss me from the moon and back a million times more.

My body wobbles a bit and this is when it gets freaky. I keep hold of the stick that I'm holding in front of me. My mother is crying I can hear from half way, She has tears of fears hoping I won’t. My children have their eye’s closed because they’re devastated that their father might die.

I’m nearly there, just a few steps more. I take a run and leap off to land. I run up to my family who are relieved i’m still alive. My wife comes up to me and gives me a relieving hug just to say your here and not dead. I can hear my brother whispering in my “You've done it.” I take a bow and head off.