Friday, July 5, 2013

Don't Look Down by Salome

This week for our narrative practise we were given a sentence to use in our story and carry on from it and this was our sentence "I panicked as I looked..." and this is what I wrote.

I strapped myself into the seat and waited for the movement soon to come,people around seemed to have the same feeling but covered with fake excitement.The button was pushed and my feet started to dangle  and the ground underneath me started to disappear,was this really going to be as bad as my sister said it would be?Slowly the people waiting at the bottom started to get smaller and my view of the world started to get bigger,my stomach started to feel like it was hanging in bag waiting to drop.My legs felt like stone and my arms were nailed to my straps.

Finally at the top and the view was amazing sadly I knew I wasn't going to see it any longer but I panicked as I looked at the same time,my train of thought was then interrupted by a boy’s high pitched scream of excitement.
Any moment now.... “Ahhhhhhh!” screamed on the boy.....1....2....3.....The sudden drop made my stomach fly up from out of its bag and into the sky  it was lost and couldn't feel it ,my eye were shut but still seemed that I could see the rushing colour fly up.It quickly came to a stop and my eye were open and could feel the ground again and my stomach.

I stepped off and headed towards my group we went back to the centre of Rainbows End and I headed towards my cousin .
“Just came back from the Fear  Fall.” I said with no expression in my voice.
“ Sweet, you know when I was down here I could hear a screaming girl man felt sorry for what ride she was on.”she answered.

By Salome

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