Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Grand Canyon Tightrope Walker by Chasity

My heart ached with fear as nerves rushed up my spine. I feel a genuine rushing through my body like a lightning bolt as I take a few more steps. I shake my head trying to concentrate. My mind targets death, it is literally 1000 times worse. My blood rushes through my veins as goose bumps pop up all over my body. I can hear the voices of my fellow family members saying a prayer, asking in the hands of god to let me live.

The rhythm of the wind tries to blow me over but I keep my balance. Now there was no point of regretting now. I kept on walking. I was nearly there. My body shivers with fear as I walk a few more steps. I look over to the other side my family still praying.I couldn't Imagine how my family would feel if I died right here, I don’t but I do know that they would miss me from the moon and back a million times more.

My body wobbles a bit and this is when it gets freaky. I keep hold of the stick that I'm holding in front of me. My mother is crying I can hear from half way, She has tears of fears hoping I won’t. My children have their eye’s closed because they’re devastated that their father might die.

I’m nearly there, just a few steps more. I take a run and leap off to land. I run up to my family who are relieved i’m still alive. My wife comes up to me and gives me a relieving hug just to say your here and not dead. I can hear my brother whispering in my “You've done it.” I take a bow and head off.

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