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Science Process

This is a presentation of the science process our group will use for our plant experiment this term. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Great Adventures Of Banana, Apple And Orange by Taylor

One sunny brigh day in a town called Fruitland, there lived thousands of fruit and every Wednesday  farmers would put fruit in their humongous trucks and take the fruit to the markets. Out of all the fruit that was there, there were three fruits named Banana, Apple and Orange.They liked going on adventures but they didn't like to go to the markets on the farmers trucks.Orange had a round beautiful orange body with orange shining eyes like a superstar. Banana on the other hand had a long tall curved body, one hundred times better than Oranges eyes but he was really bossy .Apple on the other, other hand is a sweet little apple who always likes to follow Banana and Orange around.

It all started on a bright, sunny day. Banana, Apple and Orange were right at the front of fruitland singing a song and along comes a man named Mat. Mat picked Banana, Apple and Orange up and put them in his gigantic truck to get taken to the market.Banana starts panicking because they were getting close to the market and then he came up with an idea and he  said “Hey boys why don't we jump out if we do we have to do it fast!”
“Yeah I think so too we should, we are almost close to the market!” replied Orange.
“Ahhh guys, I don't think this is good Idea I mean we could get killed, this is serious,” Apple said.
“But the worst way to die is to get eaten by a human, isn't it,” Orange spoke with fear.
“Well yeah,” Apple replied.
“So less taking more moving!” Banana said.So the fruit jumed off the truck. “Aww!” apple cried “I broke my apple core!”  
“Ouch I broke part of my banana skin!” moaned Banana
“ Ohhh my gosh i’m blind my beautiful eyes are gone, ccccrrruuussshhh you banana!”. They were all arguing but until they saw a boat. They and stared for a while and then  banana said “Hey why don't we go ride on the boat maybe we will be safe over there,”
Apple said “yeah I think this is a good idea too!”.
So Banana, Apple and Orange walked to the boat and did you know what almost happened to orange? Well you know how he has no eyes he almost fell into the sea but luckily Banana and Apple were guiding him so he would be safe.When they got on a boat a man named Fread almost stood on the three fruits, then all of a sudden fred heard a little voice “Watch out!” Banana shouted to Fred “Hey who said that who said that whoever you are show yourself,” Fred said
“Its us we are little fruits down here at the bottom!” the three fruits said.
“Ohh my talking fruits!”spoke fred.
fred freaks out faits fred state's unconscious for a little while.

When he woke up he walks off the boat and carries the fruits out with him because he thought if he takes them home maybe they will explain to him how they can talk and where they came from. When they got to Fred's house, Fred carries Banana, Apple and Orange in to his big beautiful house.Then when they all sat down the fruits finally told fread what happened and why they ran away.Then Fred told them something and that something was to never run away because it might get you in a big lot of trouble.From this the fruits have learned never to run away no matter what, but these fruit were lucking because they got to live with fred in his big mansion .  

Troublemakers by Cypress

In a tropical island called Tonga there lived two brothers named Siale and Sione. They lived on a wonderful beach called Tahi. The brothers were orphans because their mum and dad died from a dangerous tsunami. The two brothers were poor they had nothing to eat and they couldn't afford to buy food. They couldn't buy shoes so they only had to wear shorts. Siale liked to play rugby and as for Sione his favourite sport was soccer.

One roasting, sunny day Saile and Sione were sweaty and they wanted to eat some food so they walked down to the super market. One of the fruit was staring at Sione as he was sweating. Sione decided to kidnap the fruit and run home “Hurry up Siale lets go home!” Sione screamed. Suddenly The owner of the shop appeared out of nowhere and called the security. The two brothers ran as fast as they could to get away from the security but ‘nec minnit’ they bumped into a fat man and fell on the ground. The man they bumped into got angus and started to chase them. Sione found a place to hide so he sprinted as fast as he could while Siale followed. Sione waited for the people to go away and then he would go. “Three, two, one, GO!” shouted Sione. They ran as fast as they could to get away from the security including the fat man. All of a sudden a lady jumped out of a bush but this wasn't just no lady this was the owner of the market she caught them and told them off. Everyone was angry at each other “THOSE KIDS BUMPED INTO ME!” yelled the man. “THOSE TWO ARE THE KIDS WHO STOLE MY FRUIT!” screamed the market owner.

The boys apologized for bumping into the man and for stealing the fruit. The lady that owns the market gave the two boys a drink and some oranges to take home. The man that got bumped by the two boys forgave them and told them he was sorry for chasing them. When they got home they were exhausted but on the bright side they got free food.

The End!

Chardonnay's Narrative Story - The Deep Dark Cave

Once in the deep dark forest, called Caves of the Doom, it was called that because there was a dark cave in the forest that was very big. There lived some extraordinary boys named Jimmy and Jammy. They lived in a little wooden house made by their father that was built years ago.  Jimmy was helpful, extraordinary and nice to other people. But Jammy was the one who was silly, crazy, naughty and the cheeky one around the forest.
They both had personalities that were the opposite from each other but they certainly looked the same so this made people think they were identical twins. The house they lived in was located on 34 Twenty road which was  just around the block from the dark, black cave. The dark, black cave is a mystery that nobody knows. No one goes in this cave because it was too dark you couldn’t see anything at all, even with a torch you could see pitch black it was very spooky. Jimmy and Jammy’s grandpa went in the cave on the first day they were born. But he never return home that night and nobody knew what happen to him.Jimmy and Jammy’s father always told odd stories about this cave but they very good story's.
Their father use to tell them stories of the brown basket with tiny little flowers in it but you should never touch these flowers never ever because something dangerous thing might happen to you, it always hooked them into the story when their dad told them it. Even though it was very frightening and scary. That was the only interesting story they knew because there were no libraries, schools or parks in the deep dark forest and there weren't any TVs too, it was usually quiet around the place.
One quiet morning, the two boys made their breakfast which was always cereal and milk. They did their chores  inside and outside of the house, they chopped wood and made fire. They dried and washed their clothes.
But after their chores Jammy had a stupid idea to leave the house and go in the scary forest  into the dark  cave that their father spoke of. Jimmy disagreed with him but Jammy wouldn’t listen to Jimmy. As Jammy was packing up to leave the house Jimmy was explaining to Jammy why he shouldn’t go into the cave, he was telling Jammy ‘No Jammy if you go into the deep, dark, black, mystery cave who wouldn’t know what would happen to you?’Jammy replied, “Yeah and that is why I’m going i will find out what the mystery is and return in any  day”.Jimmy tried to persuade Jammy not to go but he did not listen because he was eager to find out what was in the dark, mystery cave.
Jammy went into the forest and saw all the scary things that his dad talked about but he just kept walking on.  He saw a little stream heading into one side of the cave so he followed the stream.But way back home Jimmy was yelling Jammys name, ‘Jammy where are you?’ But there was no reply back. So Jimmy ran into the forest and found Jammys missing shoe that he wore on his left foot. It was muddy and wet. Jimmy didn’t care he just kept it as a mystery.
When Jammy reached the very odd spot he prepared to stay the night but he didn’t know how to prepare to sleep and he didn’t  have any camping gear. He said to himself ‘Only if i had my brother right beside me he would know what to do’. Jammy sighed hugely with fear and hope.
After a while Jimmy saw the same lake that his brother found  to but he was getting too tired to walk any further so he got in a cosy spot and fell asleep. It was the same with Jammy they were fast asleep.In the morning their parents were woken by the alarm o'clock but Mr J  wasn’t bothered to turn it off so he had a big yell ‘JIMMY JAMMY TURN IT OFF’. But after three long minutes it was still going and going until his wife MRS J slammed the clock onto the ground and replied to Mr J ‘JIMMY AND JAMMY ARE MISSING!!!,So MR J got his gun out of his van and ran out of his door yelling ‘JIMMY JAMMY GET IN THIS HOUSE NOW’, And there was a echo saying NOW NOW NOW It was so loud it woke the entire village up it even woke his two boys up.
Jammy reached to the cave but out of nowhere Jimmy jump on his back making him fall over and Jimmy told him ‘NO don’t go in the cave but Jammy replied ‘I am!, you're not the boss of me i’m not a baby any more!’So Jimmy jump on his back which started a fight it was going on and on and on but they wouldn’t stop until somebody one it was taking 7 minutes and 45 seconds the fight  was so massive they both wanted to stop. Then straight away Jammy stopped and he saw a basket that their grandpa saw too, he spoke the words ‘you win let’s go home and’ But  Jimmy talked over him and replied ‘here i'll’ help you up’. So they got up and head back home but then Jammy spoke ‘speaking of home what would mom and father say about us?’
But at home they were searching in the school at the park and even under the bed but mother saw them and told their father. Their parents told them not to sneak or run or hide away from them again’ and they agreed.  They would never ever go into the forest and cave again.

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Tsunami by Kini

One bright sunny day in Rarotonga there were three boys named Sione,Sau and Sam. They were  at the beach lying down in the flaming sun so they could get a tan.They could hear the nice splashy waves and the leaves on the palm trees moving swiftly in the air.Sione was a very handsome, good boy who always gets dressed in his best clothes. As for Sau, he has a silly and smart personality. Just like Sione, Sau also dressed in trendy clothes. Sam is a quiet boy who likes to get dressed in black and yellow clothes. All three boys were best friends.

After they were lying down on the sand Sione asked “Sam Do you want to have a game of rugby two against me”Sione thought he was going to win.”Yes”spoke Sam .They started the game Sione kicked to Sau and Sam. Sam got the ball and ran straight up to Sione as fast as Usain Bolt.When he got closer Sione formed a humongous tackle on Sam,Sam offloaded the ball to Sau,Sau was jogging to the try line because he knew that he would score a try.Sam shouted and said “Yay”because Sau scored and they won.After the fun a big earthquake hit  Rarotonga.Sau Screamed “Help,help,help”. Then it stopped Sau was crying,He was very unhappy.Sam yelled “Look Sione as enormous wave is coming towards us”.They were looking for the closest mountain so they could sprint to it. The closest mountain was one hundred meters away.They sprinted like they were at the olympics running the  one hundred meter race.They finally got there. The tsunami just hit the mountain.

When the tsunami finished there were no food,no houses and nearly everyone died in Rarotonga. Sione,Sau and Sam were looking for someone to play with they saw no one.They did not eat for three days.While they were walking they walked past a cave they looked inside the cave if there were any food. Then they walked past a fresh fruit plantation.They opened the door to the fresh fruit plantation.There were all sorts of fruit like apples,oranges,pears,watermelon and plenty more.They also saw a big bowl,they put heaps and heaps of fruit inside the bowl.Two weeks later they sold their fruit at the beach so they can buy more TSUNAMI food and meat.

San,Sam and Sione learnt to not worry just be happy because there will always be a solution to their problems.                                                   

Kini's and Malia's Vacation by Sau

It was a bright, sunny morning where Kini and Malia were off to Rarotonga for their honeymoon.They went on the plane, sat down and relaxed. Kini is always excited to go anywhere and very cheeky. Malia always bosses Kini around but Kini really doesn't care .When they were flying they took a quiz on the T.V about how to grow flowers. When they landed in Raro, Kini was so amazed that he came rushing out of the plane first.

They took a taxi to the fale.It was a one hour drive.When Kini and Malia got there Malia shouted, “Kini my sweetie, could you carry me to the couch? ”  

Kini moaned and he hen Kini carried her his back was cracking, Malia saw beautiful flowers in a Chinese vase it was special to her because it reminded her of when she made a chinese vase herself and it was her favourite flowers roses , it looked so awesome. When Kini put her down his back almost clicked. Kini and Malia decided to go for walk on the beautiful beach as the sun was dancing in the sky, the leaves were lying on the pure, white sand. They decided to go for a walk on the beach which was romantic for them. The beach was surrounded by palm trees with leaves blowing in the air and the sea looked crystal clear like a diamond.

While Kini and Malia was having a romantic walk on the beach, a hobo named Tionee and one of the most dangerous robbers around snuck into the fale and stole the vase full of flowers. When Kini and Malia returned from their walk, they were so tired that they went to sleep. When they woke up they brushed their teeth and washed their face, they went to have breakfast but Malia thought something was wrong. She listened to her instincts and deep down it said her vase of flowers was missing. When she went to check, nothing was there. Malia ran as fast as she could to the kitchen and screamed at Kini, “The flowers are gone!” Kini spat his cereal out and the both of them were so freaked out. Kini called the cops and they came as fast as they could. When the cops got there they asked what happened. When the cops finished questioning Kini and Malia they went on their way to find the robber.

The cops were searching for Tionee but they had no idea where he was.The cops drove past a famous house. Later on one of the cops saw something really strange.  He said to the other cop, “Hey could you reverse back to the cool as house?”. When they reversed they saw someone coming out of the door, he had a bag filled with money and gold but Tionee never realised that it was fake gold. One of the cops opened the door and ran like the wind, he shouted,
“Put your hands up!” Tionee got a fright and dropped his bag of fake gold and money and he turned around with his hands in the air.The cop ran and put the handcuffs on Tionee.The cops were glad that they caught the most dangerous robber.They picked up the bag and saw the vase.They took it out and took Tionee back to Mrs and Mr Adams and they gave back the vase nicely and safely. Malia took the vase and put it  back where it belonged.Later on when Tionee walked away Kini felt sad because he knew he will still steal and shouted,
“Hey dude come back here!” Tionee ran back and Kini pulled out his wallet and Tionee thought that he was going to give him his wallet but Kini gave $10 dollars and gave an apple. Tionee felt pleased and grateful and whispered to himself,
“I’m never going to steal ever again,”
and he has learnt his lesson never to steal again. Then he started to walk away. He turned around and yelled,
“Thank you very much!”    

When Fish Came to Tahiti by Mehi

One hot splendid day there lived two children named Anna and Joshua. They lived on a beautiful and most gorgeous island called Tahiti. The island was surrounded by lovely palm trees, pure white sand, glimmering water that would shimmer around the seagulls while they would swim, fantastic fale’s and excellent people in the village.  The two kids always wore spectacular looking clothes. They always wore the same colours.  If Anna wore blue and red Joshua would wear blue and red so you get what I mean. They were like twins except they weren’t family. But they really wished they were because they loved to have sleepovers with pillow fights and eat mouth watering fruit with delicious smoothies to drink.

One day the whole entire village started to moan about the amount of fruit they were eating. Every day they would have fruit for breakfast, fruit for lunch and fruit for dinner and even fruit for a quick snack.There was lots of moaning going on!!! Every day the children would wake early from all that racket. They couldn’t even shut their eyelids. Until one day the children had enough of the moaning so they got up and stepped outside and shouted to everyone”STOP MOANING SO WE CAN HAVE SOME SLEEP, IF YOU DO STOP MOANING ABOUT EATING FRUIT THEN WE WILL PROMISE THAT WE WILL FIND YOU SOMETHING ELSE TO EAT BEFORE SUNSET!” So the children went off to find something else that the village could eat.The children  would do anything to stop that annoying moaning.

The children were searching for hours. Suddenly they spotted something moving around in the ocean, it was a fish, but there was more where that came from. There was a whole sea of fish! The children found some string, a long wooden stick and a hook that was as sharp as a swordfish quilla quill. With all those tools they could catch fish for the village to eat so they managed to catch a fish and  then cooked it. They had a little taste of the fish, it tasted so succulent that the children were hungry for more but they had marched off to tell the whole village about the tasty fish. Then they gave people a taste of the fish they loved it. They thought that the fish was mouth watering with all its flavours. They just wanted  more and more. The Mayor had announced that fish is the best food ever to be caught and cooked in Tahiti. So fish was the most popular food for a long time. The children had saved the day from eating fruit for the rest of their lives. They still liked to eat fruit but not ALL THE TIME!!!

The End

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My Wordle on Compost by Mehi

This is my Wordle related to compost.

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