Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kini's and Malia's Vacation by Sau

It was a bright, sunny morning where Kini and Malia were off to Rarotonga for their honeymoon.They went on the plane, sat down and relaxed. Kini is always excited to go anywhere and very cheeky. Malia always bosses Kini around but Kini really doesn't care .When they were flying they took a quiz on the T.V about how to grow flowers. When they landed in Raro, Kini was so amazed that he came rushing out of the plane first.

They took a taxi to the fale.It was a one hour drive.When Kini and Malia got there Malia shouted, “Kini my sweetie, could you carry me to the couch? ”  

Kini moaned and he hen Kini carried her his back was cracking, Malia saw beautiful flowers in a Chinese vase it was special to her because it reminded her of when she made a chinese vase herself and it was her favourite flowers roses , it looked so awesome. When Kini put her down his back almost clicked. Kini and Malia decided to go for walk on the beautiful beach as the sun was dancing in the sky, the leaves were lying on the pure, white sand. They decided to go for a walk on the beach which was romantic for them. The beach was surrounded by palm trees with leaves blowing in the air and the sea looked crystal clear like a diamond.

While Kini and Malia was having a romantic walk on the beach, a hobo named Tionee and one of the most dangerous robbers around snuck into the fale and stole the vase full of flowers. When Kini and Malia returned from their walk, they were so tired that they went to sleep. When they woke up they brushed their teeth and washed their face, they went to have breakfast but Malia thought something was wrong. She listened to her instincts and deep down it said her vase of flowers was missing. When she went to check, nothing was there. Malia ran as fast as she could to the kitchen and screamed at Kini, “The flowers are gone!” Kini spat his cereal out and the both of them were so freaked out. Kini called the cops and they came as fast as they could. When the cops got there they asked what happened. When the cops finished questioning Kini and Malia they went on their way to find the robber.

The cops were searching for Tionee but they had no idea where he was.The cops drove past a famous house. Later on one of the cops saw something really strange.  He said to the other cop, “Hey could you reverse back to the cool as house?”. When they reversed they saw someone coming out of the door, he had a bag filled with money and gold but Tionee never realised that it was fake gold. One of the cops opened the door and ran like the wind, he shouted,
“Put your hands up!” Tionee got a fright and dropped his bag of fake gold and money and he turned around with his hands in the air.The cop ran and put the handcuffs on Tionee.The cops were glad that they caught the most dangerous robber.They picked up the bag and saw the vase.They took it out and took Tionee back to Mrs and Mr Adams and they gave back the vase nicely and safely. Malia took the vase and put it  back where it belonged.Later on when Tionee walked away Kini felt sad because he knew he will still steal and shouted,
“Hey dude come back here!” Tionee ran back and Kini pulled out his wallet and Tionee thought that he was going to give him his wallet but Kini gave $10 dollars and gave an apple. Tionee felt pleased and grateful and whispered to himself,
“I’m never going to steal ever again,”
and he has learnt his lesson never to steal again. Then he started to walk away. He turned around and yelled,
“Thank you very much!”    


Anonymous said...

Well you guys must of had a wonderful

Tionee R said...

Hi Sau, your story was so funny and nice, I loved your ending and how the police said to reverse to look at the cool house. I also liked how the police said put your hands up. Well Done sau my friend!