Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Great Adventures Of Banana, Apple And Orange by Taylor

One sunny brigh day in a town called Fruitland, there lived thousands of fruit and every Wednesday  farmers would put fruit in their humongous trucks and take the fruit to the markets. Out of all the fruit that was there, there were three fruits named Banana, Apple and Orange.They liked going on adventures but they didn't like to go to the markets on the farmers trucks.Orange had a round beautiful orange body with orange shining eyes like a superstar. Banana on the other hand had a long tall curved body, one hundred times better than Oranges eyes but he was really bossy .Apple on the other, other hand is a sweet little apple who always likes to follow Banana and Orange around.

It all started on a bright, sunny day. Banana, Apple and Orange were right at the front of fruitland singing a song and along comes a man named Mat. Mat picked Banana, Apple and Orange up and put them in his gigantic truck to get taken to the market.Banana starts panicking because they were getting close to the market and then he came up with an idea and he  said “Hey boys why don't we jump out if we do we have to do it fast!”
“Yeah I think so too we should, we are almost close to the market!” replied Orange.
“Ahhh guys, I don't think this is good Idea I mean we could get killed, this is serious,” Apple said.
“But the worst way to die is to get eaten by a human, isn't it,” Orange spoke with fear.
“Well yeah,” Apple replied.
“So less taking more moving!” Banana said.So the fruit jumed off the truck. “Aww!” apple cried “I broke my apple core!”  
“Ouch I broke part of my banana skin!” moaned Banana
“ Ohhh my gosh i’m blind my beautiful eyes are gone, ccccrrruuussshhh you banana!”. They were all arguing but until they saw a boat. They and stared for a while and then  banana said “Hey why don't we go ride on the boat maybe we will be safe over there,”
Apple said “yeah I think this is a good idea too!”.
So Banana, Apple and Orange walked to the boat and did you know what almost happened to orange? Well you know how he has no eyes he almost fell into the sea but luckily Banana and Apple were guiding him so he would be safe.When they got on a boat a man named Fread almost stood on the three fruits, then all of a sudden fred heard a little voice “Watch out!” Banana shouted to Fred “Hey who said that who said that whoever you are show yourself,” Fred said
“Its us we are little fruits down here at the bottom!” the three fruits said.
“Ohh my talking fruits!”spoke fred.
fred freaks out faits fred state's unconscious for a little while.

When he woke up he walks off the boat and carries the fruits out with him because he thought if he takes them home maybe they will explain to him how they can talk and where they came from. When they got to Fred's house, Fred carries Banana, Apple and Orange in to his big beautiful house.Then when they all sat down the fruits finally told fread what happened and why they ran away.Then Fred told them something and that something was to never run away because it might get you in a big lot of trouble.From this the fruits have learned never to run away no matter what, but these fruit were lucking because they got to live with fred in his big mansion .  

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H Taylor
Well done for using powerful words and a colourful picture