Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chardonnay's Narrative Story - The Deep Dark Cave

Once in the deep dark forest, called Caves of the Doom, it was called that because there was a dark cave in the forest that was very big. There lived some extraordinary boys named Jimmy and Jammy. They lived in a little wooden house made by their father that was built years ago.  Jimmy was helpful, extraordinary and nice to other people. But Jammy was the one who was silly, crazy, naughty and the cheeky one around the forest.
They both had personalities that were the opposite from each other but they certainly looked the same so this made people think they were identical twins. The house they lived in was located on 34 Twenty road which was  just around the block from the dark, black cave. The dark, black cave is a mystery that nobody knows. No one goes in this cave because it was too dark you couldn’t see anything at all, even with a torch you could see pitch black it was very spooky. Jimmy and Jammy’s grandpa went in the cave on the first day they were born. But he never return home that night and nobody knew what happen to him.Jimmy and Jammy’s father always told odd stories about this cave but they very good story's.
Their father use to tell them stories of the brown basket with tiny little flowers in it but you should never touch these flowers never ever because something dangerous thing might happen to you, it always hooked them into the story when their dad told them it. Even though it was very frightening and scary. That was the only interesting story they knew because there were no libraries, schools or parks in the deep dark forest and there weren't any TVs too, it was usually quiet around the place.
One quiet morning, the two boys made their breakfast which was always cereal and milk. They did their chores  inside and outside of the house, they chopped wood and made fire. They dried and washed their clothes.
But after their chores Jammy had a stupid idea to leave the house and go in the scary forest  into the dark  cave that their father spoke of. Jimmy disagreed with him but Jammy wouldn’t listen to Jimmy. As Jammy was packing up to leave the house Jimmy was explaining to Jammy why he shouldn’t go into the cave, he was telling Jammy ‘No Jammy if you go into the deep, dark, black, mystery cave who wouldn’t know what would happen to you?’Jammy replied, “Yeah and that is why I’m going i will find out what the mystery is and return in any  day”.Jimmy tried to persuade Jammy not to go but he did not listen because he was eager to find out what was in the dark, mystery cave.
Jammy went into the forest and saw all the scary things that his dad talked about but he just kept walking on.  He saw a little stream heading into one side of the cave so he followed the stream.But way back home Jimmy was yelling Jammys name, ‘Jammy where are you?’ But there was no reply back. So Jimmy ran into the forest and found Jammys missing shoe that he wore on his left foot. It was muddy and wet. Jimmy didn’t care he just kept it as a mystery.
When Jammy reached the very odd spot he prepared to stay the night but he didn’t know how to prepare to sleep and he didn’t  have any camping gear. He said to himself ‘Only if i had my brother right beside me he would know what to do’. Jammy sighed hugely with fear and hope.
After a while Jimmy saw the same lake that his brother found  to but he was getting too tired to walk any further so he got in a cosy spot and fell asleep. It was the same with Jammy they were fast asleep.In the morning their parents were woken by the alarm o'clock but Mr J  wasn’t bothered to turn it off so he had a big yell ‘JIMMY JAMMY TURN IT OFF’. But after three long minutes it was still going and going until his wife MRS J slammed the clock onto the ground and replied to Mr J ‘JIMMY AND JAMMY ARE MISSING!!!,So MR J got his gun out of his van and ran out of his door yelling ‘JIMMY JAMMY GET IN THIS HOUSE NOW’, And there was a echo saying NOW NOW NOW It was so loud it woke the entire village up it even woke his two boys up.
Jammy reached to the cave but out of nowhere Jimmy jump on his back making him fall over and Jimmy told him ‘NO don’t go in the cave but Jammy replied ‘I am!, you're not the boss of me i’m not a baby any more!’So Jimmy jump on his back which started a fight it was going on and on and on but they wouldn’t stop until somebody one it was taking 7 minutes and 45 seconds the fight  was so massive they both wanted to stop. Then straight away Jammy stopped and he saw a basket that their grandpa saw too, he spoke the words ‘you win let’s go home and’ But  Jimmy talked over him and replied ‘here i'll’ help you up’. So they got up and head back home but then Jammy spoke ‘speaking of home what would mom and father say about us?’
But at home they were searching in the school at the park and even under the bed but mother saw them and told their father. Their parents told them not to sneak or run or hide away from them again’ and they agreed.  They would never ever go into the forest and cave again.

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