Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Troublemakers by Cypress

In a tropical island called Tonga there lived two brothers named Siale and Sione. They lived on a wonderful beach called Tahi. The brothers were orphans because their mum and dad died from a dangerous tsunami. The two brothers were poor they had nothing to eat and they couldn't afford to buy food. They couldn't buy shoes so they only had to wear shorts. Siale liked to play rugby and as for Sione his favourite sport was soccer.

One roasting, sunny day Saile and Sione were sweaty and they wanted to eat some food so they walked down to the super market. One of the fruit was staring at Sione as he was sweating. Sione decided to kidnap the fruit and run home “Hurry up Siale lets go home!” Sione screamed. Suddenly The owner of the shop appeared out of nowhere and called the security. The two brothers ran as fast as they could to get away from the security but ‘nec minnit’ they bumped into a fat man and fell on the ground. The man they bumped into got angus and started to chase them. Sione found a place to hide so he sprinted as fast as he could while Siale followed. Sione waited for the people to go away and then he would go. “Three, two, one, GO!” shouted Sione. They ran as fast as they could to get away from the security including the fat man. All of a sudden a lady jumped out of a bush but this wasn't just no lady this was the owner of the market she caught them and told them off. Everyone was angry at each other “THOSE KIDS BUMPED INTO ME!” yelled the man. “THOSE TWO ARE THE KIDS WHO STOLE MY FRUIT!” screamed the market owner.

The boys apologized for bumping into the man and for stealing the fruit. The lady that owns the market gave the two boys a drink and some oranges to take home. The man that got bumped by the two boys forgave them and told them he was sorry for chasing them. When they got home they were exhausted but on the bright side they got free food.

The End!

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