Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Ice Of The Canyon by Mavis

Ice erupted in my spine. Goosebumps infecting my body poisoning my hope. All I have now is a prayer held in the hands of Jesus and God. My eyes were tinted with a hunger for danger. My confidence was abused by slow regret. I stopped, there was no point in regretting now. Danger stampeded all over me scaring me with fear. I shook my head I had to concentrate. I felt like crying I didn’t care if I lost my reputation. I wouldn’t. My heart rate advanced towards a million beats a second flooding me with confusion. The word concentrate was on a  constant replay.

Adrenaline was injected into my body as if it was a pill that could cure how insane I was.I kept going I couldn't stop. The rhythm of the wind shoved up to a windy feeling. I hated this. I got down literally kneeling I cried a prayer. All thought of asking for more safety was abandoned.  I was halfway there a smile had crept across my face.  Silence strangled my throat.

The crowd was standing on the other side. Their legs pinched with horror. Doubt was erased from their faces as I continued to go.Dust was storming towards me. I shut my eyes to a squint but wide enough to have sight of the whole wire. Just a few more metres then  the  petrifying  situation would be over. 1 More meter. I  realised I was close enough to run to the end.

I ran almost leaping with joy.  I jumped off the wire and onto the other side. I hopped into the arms of my brother. He whispered “ you did it you walked  over the Grand Canyon   with no safety harness... you lucky girl” I grinned beaming with pride. I did it  I truly did it with  hope you can discover many thing. A smile had dipped over my horizon.

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