Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dreaming of a Beautiful Place

It was a breezy cold night. I yawned till I fell asleep. I was so sleepy that I started dreaming. I dreamt of a romantic beach.

In this beach I see people with their bucket and spades. Family and friends are decorating the sea with shells and it looks like a colourful rainbow shinning brightly. The gold sand is transformed into terrific sandcastles. In my vision I see humongous boats sailing across the sea.

People are relaxing with their kids and enjoying the sun reflecting on the big waves. As you step back the waves come closer and creepier like a tsunami swallowing people with a massive roar. More than five people are diving in with excitement.

In my beautiful place I smell seaweed and coral filling my noise with a nice smell. I also smell sweet candy and delicious food beside me that is making my mouth watery. I suddenly feel hungry.

People are enjoying the smell of the fresh salty water. I think it smells smelly because it makes my nose feel funny.

In my vision I also hear people chatting with excitement and laughter. I also hear the wind howling as loud as a siren.

This beach makes people feel clam and relaxed. I see people looking a bit dizzy from swimming too much in the salty water. Others are looking a little crazy as they are trying to chase the seagulls away from their food. The main thing is that I feel comfortable, safe and glad because I am surrounded by people who love me.

Do you know what my beautiful place is?

By Maopa


Marcus said...

I like the way you felt and how you put your story into paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maopa,

Your Mum and I were really impressed with your long story. Well done!

We especially loved your descriptions of the beach and the smells it created.

From your Mum and Miss Brown (Manaiakalani Trust)