Wednesday, February 20, 2013


N is for nice
G is for great
A is for active
T is for trustworthy
O is for original
K is for kind
U is for unique
R is for respectful
U is for ulturmite
A is for  action
What Does That Spell NGATOKURUA!

Kia orana my name is Ngatokurua I'm 12 years old and I go to Tamaki Primary School. I’m not
that tall but i’m taller than some of my friends.not all of them and it’s kind of cool .I have Beautiful bright shiny straight hair like beyonce but her one is curly.I have cool sparkly eyes like the stars,I'm loving because I love my family, I'm respectful because I listen to my mum,sometimes silly(at home and school) funny (At school),I have beautiful olive shiny skin.

F is for father
A is for and
M is for mother
I  is for I
L  is for love
Y  is for You

I have two fabulous sisters named Jadaleigh and Bella and two handsome brothers named Little - Man/David and Levi.I am the second oldest,its cool for me because I’m responsible for my younger brother and sisters.I have a stunning mum named Jackie and a handsome dad named David. I love my family so much because they support me my brothers and sisters all the time.

I come from a beautiful clean community named Tamaki. Theres a few beaches around  Tamaki I'm so lucky that I have talented  friends like,Destiny,Faith,Timothy,Tim,Edward,Unique,Salome,Loni,Caprice,Johnny,Mavis,Harmony,
Charday,Bella,Beautiful,Fili,Mei,Brooklyn,Lolo,William, Quita, Lesieli ,Sake, Peter, Sam,

My favourite sport is Rugby because my Grandad George taught me how to rip the Rugby ball out of peoples hands I'm interesting at  .My Nana also taught me how to play as well. I Am A Cook Island and I can’t wait to go to the Cook Islands at the end of the year.I can’t really speak Cook Island but can sometimes understand the language I am a Maori I'm not fluent.My favourite hobbies is playing with my friends and going to the pools/beach in the weekends,I sometimes  stay at my friends house or they stay at my house.

My hopes for 2013 at Tamaki primary School is to use descriptive language in my work,using inferring skills,reading between the lines,more descriptions in my story. My fears for 2013 is that I won’t get high grades in my work but I know with the right, positive attitude I can achieve all my learning goals this year.

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ms Hansell said...

Kia Ora Ngatokurua. I loved reading your description of yourself. You have written a full and entertaining piece of writing. You certainly are our version of Beyonce in our school! You will use your Aspirations and Inspirations to end your Year 8 year as a postive leader.