Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Talofa Lava and Kia Orana my name is Faith and this is my story about me. I am the eldest child of three, I am a mixture of Samoan, Cook Island and I am proud to be both of these cultures. I see myself as an open and self-independent person when needed, I have respect for my elders and everyone who I know and don’t know. I can be curious when I think something is wrong or something is suspicious because all I want is peace and happiness for all my friends and family. I believe in our heavenly father because if it wasn’t for Him I wouldn’t be here today.

My family are honest and truthful with everything that is good or bad, they own some of the biggest hearts, they are always there for me to lean on and they always they give me brighter day. They are all that I’m grateful to have. My family are also gifted with talent (e.g home chef’s, voices/singers, dancers, culture performers and they can play instruments.) My family has always been there for me and I’m proud to have a family like them. I would say my family is like a tree that keeps on growing and growing and growing.

I come from a community that is made up of Panmure and Glen Innes, and our community is called the Tamaki Community. In our community we are surrounded by loving and caring people who run our community and also take part and bring new things to our community such as fun day, santa parade, library activities, youth town and so much more so that families like mine can join in and participate. I love the community I come from because it is filled with so many things and so many people who are bright with smiles, laughter from children, yawns from hard working people. We might not have the best community in the city but I’m proud to be a part of it.

If I haven’t already told you but I have a lot of interest in where both sides of my family come from. I love hearing the stories of the olden days because it tells me a story of where I come from. The main things that inspire me most is the interest and eager that everyone has in culture dancing (such as the hula), playing musical instruments (island drums, guitar, ukelele...) but one of my favourites are the costumes and quilts that our Mamas/Grandmothers/Aunts/Mothers make by hand, they are the most beautiful pieces of clothing I’ve seen. Also the cooks which I like to call my island chefs in my family that make astonishing dishes, and that is where I think I get my love and passion of wanting to become a head chef.

My hopes for 2013 is to achieve above the standard in everything I do and not let anyone stop me from achieving my goals. I want to finish off my last year at intermediate feeling proud of all my hard work but also to be a good person in myself. This means to be the bright and intelligent girl I want everyone to see, have respect for everyone, be kind and accept everyone for who they are and to always be positive about the future that I have ahead of me. Did I tell you? Well there is a little dark, black and ugly cloud inside of me that I’m scared of and that is my fears. I’m scared that this year that I will lose another loved one, change into someone I don’t want to be, but most of all to let everything I worked for so hard go down the drain.  With positive thinking I know I can achieve the impossible with my learning this year. This is me, Faith Kaitai-Samu!

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Ms Hansell said...

Kia Orana Faith. You have such a gift with writing - your work always draws the audience into your world. I especially love how you have described your fears and how you recognise the power of positive thinking. You are on your way to being a fantastic adult as you pass through your adolescence learning about Aspirations and Inspirations.