Friday, February 22, 2013


Hola and Talofa lava my name is Mavis, a name I say everyday with traces of pride. I wake up each day bubbly,active,hopeful I always wake up  like this because I know that it’s a new day. I was raised to be polite to people ,I talk about my culture as if it is my life. Being the person I am is like walking in heaven. I am not someone that  other people want me to be I am someone I want me  to be. My aspirations are to be a photographer and a news reporter, I also want to be someone that helps paralysed people to take a step forward   towards  another journey.Another life.My inspirations are Adeline Yen Mah a girl despised by her family, known to her family as bad luck after her mother died giving birth to her.She fought the odds and became a nurse in England.Johnny Depp is my idol due to how he acts in all his movies.

My Dad,Lumanai from Savaii raised us the fa'asamoa way with our mum, Uini from Siumu. Nurlight, is my big brother. His birthplace is a mystery to me for that I do not know where he was born. My big sister Marise was born in American samoa a place I wish to visit. My little brother and I were both born in Auckland, New Zealand.I am grateful that my family raised me the fa’samoa way if I hadn’t I would never had understood my culture.My family is the ladder that leads me to my future,friends are the steps to the bridge and my teacher is the bridge that helps me continue on in my journey.

I grew up all my life knowing that I was a resident  in the Panmure part of the Tamaki Community. My community is chaotic yet friendly,busy but clean.The community I am a resident in is very competitive.Nearly every holiday programmes,new buildings and even competitions are being created.

My hobbies are stitched tightly to my everyday routine. I am committed to making sure that I have at least read one interesting novel. I love to go outside but my legs are weighed down by laziness.I hug my bed as if there is no tomorrow.I marvel over how my culture manages to change  stories into tattoos.A womans  Malu fascinates me as it is simple and clear but there is a very detailed story behind. A mans so namiki is a piece of art transplanted from a piece of paper onto skin.

Every night in my dreams I hope that one day, one day soon I will get to make my dreams and ambitions reality by making it into the media entertainment business. Such as news reporting, acting or even filmmaking. Nightmares are another thing, there are multiple things I’m afraid of but one thing I am really afraid of is losing my family’s trust or being an outcast to my family. I will live my dream because I believe I can. Do you?

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