Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jungle Beats

On Thursday after lunch Mrs Wareham said to us to clean up the class as Miss Hansell wanted us to go to the hall. She said we were in trouble because we were running down the stairs. When we got to the hall we heard some noise. Then when we got in the hall there where people drumming and the people that were on the stage there called Rhythm Interactive. Their names were Johnny, Lucy and Chewy. Johnny was funny he was doing jungle dances and he was sweating so was Chewy. Johnny was getting cheeky to Chewy and Johnny said to us did Chewy get cheeky and we shouted “NO”. Johnny was leading the group and showing us some drum beats. I felt amazed because I liked the way that we were all able to join in.

By Wiremu


RKELLY said...

Great writing, Wiremu! It was good to be all involved in the show but you are right it was hot work!!

ms Hansell said...

I am so glad you got so much out of this surprise "treat" Wiremu. You have written a fantastic recount and included a lot of good information for us to read.

room7 said...

Great work Wiremu your recount about the jungle beat's was amazing nice work. Keep it up.