Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today I am reporting to you a powerful tsunami has hit Japan. People have seen cars floating on the humungous, angry, violent waves. Lots of children have seen broken cars, boats and other objects.
Thousands of people were racing to the tallest mountain. There has been a huge amount of water and it has gone everywhere. There is alot of chaos happening.
People have heard all kinds of things like big booming sounds and lots of banging noises. People are screaming and shouting. I have heard alot of people praying.
The waves crashing down are loud, loud like a roaring lion. People are scared. Some of them have tried to out run the gigantic waves but they weren't fast enough. They have been swept away.
The humungous, angry, violent waves has damaged almost everything. Cars, boats and buildings have been damaged. There have been damaged signs, power lines trees and houses.

By Fa'amanu.

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