Monday, April 15, 2013

Honourable Minister of Education - Hekia Parata Visits our School

On Friday 12th April the Honourable Minister of Education - Hekia Parata visited our school. Press play and to watch our special assembly featuring Hekia Parata. 


Ms Hansell said...

What a fantastic day was April 12th when we got to showcase our first items from our school band. Thank you to all the kids who performed and also the ones in the audience who listened to their friends with such respect and admiration. We were a proud school on April 12th!!!

FATA said...


Losana said...

WOW!!!Guys I was not here I still heard that you all had beautiful singing and I still could feel that you`s tried your best at doing everything but I already new that Hekia Parata was very proud of you guys