Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chasity's Ancestral Poem

I am a young Maori girl. I come from Ngapuhi, a strong Maori tribe.
I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, I am me. CHASITY.

My Maori warriors are survivors defending the land that I live on from terrible raids.
They speak over who they are and peace to their land. We are the Tangata Whenua of  Aotearoa. 
My Tipuna are the caretakers of this country.

Our drums echo like ancestral heartbeats, beating as one. 
They are the blood of my veins woven strongly like a Kete. The karanga is my ancient call of my long lost whanau.
My ancestors are my shield fighting at war protecting me from good or bad.

They are the moonlight watching over me as I sleep.  
  They are a pathway leading me to success.
They are my ancestors that stay within me.
They are my mind that make the thoughts I am thinking now.

My ancestors are my life holding the key to my future.

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