Friday, April 19, 2013

Charday's Ancestral Poem

I am a proud daughter of my many Maori ancestors.
Their wisdom protects me from illness and helps to keep me strong.
Unconditional love and support of family ties us all together.
Even when, without thinking I do something that is wrong.

For me they struggled and strived in a stormy salty sea.
To sail to an unknown land in their magnificent wooden waka.
While listening to howling winds or a soft summer breeze.
Paddling bravely with hardened leathery hands to reach Aotearoa.

The taste of salt upon dried and cracking lips.
The familiar smell of the waka’s wood was joined by that of land.
The last of their water they drank in sips.
As they saw the green hills and headed towards the sand.

In the future I will be a famous Silver Fern.
Taking strength from all my ancestors as I play each game.
They will be proud of me for carrying my head up high.
Showing my love of them by honouring my Maori name.

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