Friday, June 7, 2013

Unique's Freestyle Writing

Crossing all the platforms nature can see,reaching out to the unforgettable sites and to uncover the snowy and whispering mountains, carry our heavy amounts of luggage on your unstable body’s, Scurrying through the thick, heavy sands and  "The view is so pretty" Mark Muttered under his breath trying not to lose his warmth, so they continued walking and looking up and seeing how far they had to go
you could hear from the mouths behind.Two hours later they found out their legs stopped moving because of the coldness and then this Rumbling sound comes from the distance they tried to move but they weren't budging and the noise was getting closer by the minute,then suddenly out of know were a pile of frosty snow spirals were rushing down towards them and the only thing that they could feel was the cold breeze and brightness in their stomachs
"AAAh" they keep yelling.

The snow spirels rushed them with no hesitation,it was dark it was darker than dark piles and piles fill of snow was covering their scraps of bodies and the only thing that was keeping them warm was the dead skin falling off their toes, still couldn't move not even a inch thinking about water,air,food and want to do until the snow melts also seeing how we are going to get yourself back on our feet.About half an hour later they started to call for help because the snow wasn't melting they tried to open their mouths and speak but their wasn't any space to move their lips.Running out of air and trying not to starving and waiting for help.

Three more hours went past "tick tick" and they still hadn't moved and still didn't have food in their systems, inside of their bodies their bones were fighting and couldn't feel their blood flowing throw their bodies to find warmth,then on the corner of my eye I could see a drop of rain and then two drop and then another it was melting the piles of snow faster and faster and before you know it there was not that much left,I looked up to see the beautiful blue sky and it was gray  with patches of black spots but there was one problem our bones had been stuck together and won't be able to be free until the sun is out.

One hour has past Mark,Alex,Zayn,Charley,Louis and Nick are still getting stepped on by the rain,another rain cloud connected and made a rain storm maybe lighting five minutes later a spot of a light gazed upon Charlie's leg they all had big fat smiles on their faces, they all just started to laugh "hahahaha" they they all shouted with excitement.They jump up with amazement hoping to still walk up Mt Everest Looking and trying to remember these uncovered secrets,five more steps tell the top looking at the sun while its coming it out and also seeing those black spotted clouds fly away.Walking into the forbidden pathway everyone has been talking about was their favourite part.They continued to walk with their heads held up high and with less clothes.


Ms Hansell said...

Hello Unique - I have really enjoyed reading your "freestyle" writing. We are thrilled with the standard of creative writing coming through from our senior students. Thanks for enriching my day with your writing. From Ms Hansell

Mrs Fepuleai said...

Wow Unique. This is an amazing effort. I really felt like I was there seeing the avalanche and feeling the freezing snow. Great timing with the celebrations of Sir Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Norgays achievements 60 years ago. Great Work...keep it up!