Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Magical Flying Carpet by Salome

I entered through the door of what was going to become my new room and I could no longer hold the heavy bow a carried up the stair so a put it down on the floor the room was bare and plain but the only thing in it was a colourful carpet that seemed to have lost its beauty due to a lot of dust,I ignored the carpet and walked towards the closet to start putting my stuff in it.As soon I was done unpacking something caught the corner of my eye I looked to see what it was it was in the far right corner of the closet,I picked it up it was a clear jar with what seemed to be more dust inside of it maybe the person who onced lived here was obsessed with it.With the jar safely in my hand I was just about to open it when I was interupted by the sound of my mum’s voice call from down stairs.
“Renee come and help bring all the dining room chairs please I really need your help!”she called.
“Okay mum!”I replied back.

I rushed down and accidently dropped all the dust over the carpet but I had no time to clean it up I knew my mum will grow impatient of me so I left it.

“Thanks sweetie for the help now you can go and finish pack while I make something to eat.”mum said.
“Okay mum.”I said.
While my mum wasn’t looking I quickly grabbed the broom so she wouldn’t grow suspicious of me and quickly ran up to my room,I shut the door behind me and took a deep breath and turned around to see the mess I made.
My body froze and my mouth dropped along with the broom in my hand I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,it was just floating there no string no nothing making it float I picked up the shattered pieces of glass on the floor and realised what it had once contained.
My carpet was floating and it was that magical dust that did it.

I swept away the glass and then I step onto the carpet and to my surprise it held me quite nicely.
“Go!”I said.
Waiting for it to take me flying around my room but nothing happened.
“Up,up and away!”I shouted.
But still nothing happened so pulled the front of the carpet toward of me for I was frustrated,then the carpet rushed forward and slammed me into the wall.I quickly got up and rushed to my door slightly dizzy to see if my mum or dad came to see what happened, thankfully my mum just asked what happened so I just told her I dropped something.

The next day my mum went left me at home just to do some grocery shopping so I decided to take another spin on the carpet around the house.I gently hop on it and stirred it out of my room down the stairs,I was floating everywhere in the house and everything was fine.All of a sudden the carpet went ballistic and started flying everywhere I quickly took hold and felt my legs being flung back,and just to make matters worse my mum entered through the door.
“What is that?”she screamed.
“I am so sorry mum.”I screamed.
“This all happened because some stupid dust...”
The dust I need to take it out of the carpet.
“Mum go get the vacuum and turn it on.”I shouted.
“Why?”she questioned.
“Just do it!”I screamed.
My mum got the vacuum and turned it on all I had to do was find a way to stop it.
“Okay mum pick up one huge rock and throw it on top of the carpet when I come your way.”I instructed.
I stirred the carpet towards my mum.
“Okay one,two,three.”
I quickly jumped off the carpet onto the floor and the carpet was under the stone I quickly got the vacuum and  cleaned the dust out of it then removed the rock,the carpet was back to normal and huge sigh of relief came to me but disappeared when I saw my mum’s face.
“You better tell me what happened and get this place cleaned up or you grounded!”she yelled.
“Mum I would rather much better be grounded.”

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