Friday, June 21, 2013

T.P.S Rubbish Audit Report by Renee, Mavis, Renee and Salome

On Friday the 21st of June, a group of year 1-8 students were nominated to participate in  sorting out all of the rubbish we produced in our school over 24 hours. From Room 7 four girls represented their class. Their names are Caprice, Renee, Salome and Mavis and did they do their classroom proud!! Ron, who works at the Auckland city council was our tutor and explained to us about the rubbish we produce in our school. He also explained to us the different categories of rubbish and how we can reduce the amount of rubbish in our school.

Multiple times we had to discuss the categories in which the rubbish that was collected, where it would be sorted into. Individual students were chosen as leaders of their own crate(recycling bin). They put their given categories onto a crate. We then weighed the rubbish. After it was weighed, we sorted the rubbish into different crates. The pieces of rubbish were sorted into Non-recyclable paper, Food Scraps, Plastic wrappers, Steel and aluminium cans, Paper and Recyclable Plastic.

Most of the student in the seniors were group leaders, like Salome she was the group leader for the aluminum cans. I was the leader for the all other waste, and the people in my group was Stanley and Samuel, they helped me sort the rubbish, and the weight of the waste was 0.6.

When we finished the sorting of the categories others were then organised into small groups to help the leader of the group find and sort their rubbish that they were instructed to find. Groups were then give buckets to help collect the rubbish,the rubbish was then poured onto a tarpaulin and classes came to observe us as we collected and sort the different waste.

The amount of plastic wrappers blew up in our faces. Nearly over 270 pieces of chip, muesli and snack wrappers were scattered all over our tarpaulin and in the crate. Hevani and Paeroa collected a lot of these wrappers and within minutes the back was halfway full. The food scraps had an huge amount which continued to grow when we finished collecting it we had to carry it all the way to the scale but it resulted in being too heavy for one person to carry it ,so Marshal and Taylor carried it to the scale to get weighed.

The food scraps weighed 18.0kg due to the weight of the food scraps inside the bag and the crate altogether. After we sorted the rubbish we weighed the different categories of rubbish that we collected.The heaviest was the food scraps which weighed 18.0kg and the most found was food wrapper.

After we weighed all the sacks of rubbish from the crate our instructor calculated the rubbish that we weighed to see how much rubbish is thrown on the ground or wasted in the bin. Turns out that our school is producing more rubbish than other schools.

The solution today's rubbish findings will be in our next school rubbish report. Be on a look out for our next report.

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Helen said...

I like the way you all done the rubbish. YOU DONE A FANTASTIC JOB