Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Persuasive Writing by Misimoa

We are responsible for the rubbish in our school!

We both agree that we know  it is us that causes the rubbish in our school and that needs to stop!

Everyday we see children littering around our school , not caring for our  school grounds and that’s just not right because the teachers are not are parents .We are mature enough to pick up after ourselves. I am motivated to try stop this because  animals are dying everywhere due to how we litter. We are suffocating the air for different types creatures all around the world.

Rubbish can cause important school tournaments to be postponed or even cancelled. Without observing the area around you may ask “WHY!” because the fields are filled up with food scraps and compose that can damage players and put their bodies on the line.

Multiple abominable decisions may ruin our school reputation and gives us horrible reports  because the E.O.R (Education office review) might see the rubbish that is piled up in the fields and on the playground and they might think “Wow what a messy school” and give us a bad report that will give Tamaki Primary a bad name.

Well listen to this: if this goes on how would we live like this? And what if rubbish is going to keep on flooding our school, how will we stop this? We also think if rubbish stops the school. Will we still be up there with the top schools? Will we even still have a school name?. Please make a difference and stop! this.

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