Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I heard scratching but couldn't see through the darkness ...by Chasity

The lights went blank and the house was covered with a blanket of darkness. I heard scratching but couldn't see through the darkness. My mind slowly shut down because of the fear that was entering my insides. I listened out for voices but I couldn't hear anything. My arms slowly crept in front of me in a zombie position. They directed me as I walked through the hallway of darkness. The scratching noise came again. I looked around but obviously I couldn't see because it was dark. I could feel a draft kicking in. It got stronger and stronger. My bones shivered with coldness as the strong wind hit my body. A voice yelled in my ear “Go, go now  while you have the chance!” I looked around but I could only see darkness. “Who are you? Leave me alone!” I yelled. The voice never replied.

A sudden gust struck my face as a calm voice called out to me. “Nick, Nick, Nick come here” I ignored the voice trying to fight the strong wind. My body slowly crept off the ground, it followed the voice. I closed my eye’s so I couldn't see. My eye’s slowly opened looking at a young lady. Her hair was blonde and was as long as a giraffe. Her face was as shiny as the sun that shone in the sky. Her body was as skinny as a twig. The young women cried. “Please help me, help me please”. I was terrified already. Her voice got deeper and deeper, my eye’s didn't want to look at the young lady that was now slowly disappearing.

Her whole body vanished. I was alone with nobody. My hands slowly moved underneath my leg as I laid on a bumpy old couch. My eyes shut and my mouth wide open.

Sun struck my face and birds chirped a sweet melody. I slowly opened my eye’s turning my head and looking at blurry views. My hands got into a fist position as I rubbed my eye’s.  Dribble stuck to my face as I got out of the couch. I grabbed my ponytail re tying it again.

I looked around. My back aching with pain, I saw a door. I ran towards it, It got further and further as I ran faster and faster. My legs ached with tiredness running towards the unconventional doorway. It finally stopped. The ends of my fingertips touched the door handle as I reached out to open it. The door slowly opened. My eye’s stayed in place looking towards the driveway. I stared with an open mouth looking straight outside. I was frilled with happiness not knowing my house was next door. I left closing the door.

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