Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I heard scratching but I couldn't see through the darkness... - By Misimoa

Narrative Writing 

It was a dim night and I was working. I worked for a spy corporation L.C(Lars Corporation)with my brothers Lutimi, Simon, and Tupou. We were hyped up for our first mission. My My boss was Larz he told us to take some weapons and gadgets for safety so me and my brothers sprinted to the weapon area and took some guns, knives and gadgets. Larz call us in for our first mission he showed us the location we had to go to. And off we started up the car and zoomed off and we were pumped up and confident but little did we know that we were heading to a haunted house.

Finally we arrived at the house and the house look pretty beat up. We took our weapons and headed inside we kicked the door open and turned on our flashlights but the house look like nobody was there. Then when we were all inside the door shut closed right before my eyes. I heard rain pouring down and it started to come in because of all of the leaks in the house. my brothers were scared to death but then I heard scratching but couldn't see through the darkness and I was wondering where is the noise coming from. I had to dig deeper if I wanted to know so then I told my brothers to follow me. We walked closer getting closer and closer then “Crash!” the chandelier fell and clashed on the floor then we took a step closer and the vase flew across us and collided with the wall and Simon said “Now I know why this house looks crumbled up. Carrying our gadgets and stuff we couldn’t bare to stand but we had to do it for our team. I took out my thermal metre and tried to scan were the ghost are. I nearly pick up a signal but it left so I said “Split up into two groups me and Lutimi will go right and Tupou and Simon will go left.” As soon as we split I started to plant cameras around the house to scope the scene incase some unusual happens. Then I called one of my friends to tell him to watch the cameras. 12:03 and midnight had faded away. So this time we had to move fast. My mate called back and said “We have a situation in room 104” so then I replied “What is it?” Then he replied” There’s been a some things flying around. I rushed there right away and then the thermal metre was beeping going crazy.

I saw a little boy sitting in the corner so then I took out my gun... took my first shot and then right before my eyes swoosh he disappeared before I could get him. I started to sprint faster and faster then I found him again and tip toed to him but then he stood up and opened up the tinned ghost capturer and chanted “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust put this boy into the ghost capturer.” the boys ashes flew into the can and I quickly closed it and by the time we got out of the house we jumped into the car and took off. Mr Larz was very proud of us and gave us permanent mission hunter badges.

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Mrs Fepuleai said...

Wow Misimoa, you could be the next Robert Ludum! Such drama and suspense in your story. I loved the idea of the "beat up house"! Well done, keep up the great story writing.