Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Magical Flying Carpet by Chasity

It laid on the floor still covered with footprints that led to the lounge. The rug laid in front of the kitchen still and stiff not moving it’s thin soft body. A young mother had owned the rug but had thrown it out and gave it to a man friend of hers. He took the old smelly rug to his summer beach house that was half an hour from where the young mother had lived. The man that appeared to be nick, used his beer hands to scrub the stink and old rug. Nick used his strength to get the stench and mud off the rug he had got off his friend. He hung the newly washed rug on the washing line.  Putting one peg on one corner and another peg on the other he left it to dry. The clock struck 7 o'clock. He followed his footprints towards the rug and took both of the pegs off. His toes ached with pain trying to stretched his way taller to take the rug off.

Nicks hands pulled the rug over towards the door. Te rug dragged along the polished floors leaving trails of marks. He laid his rug on the floor. Nick sat on the couch with his face towards the flat screen. Now this guy was rich and whatever he bought he owned for a long time. His eyes glued to his T.V as it persuades him to watch more and more. Time goes fast, Nick has his head in his cushion with his eyes shut and his mouth pouring with dribble. His alarm alerts him “It’s time to wake up, the time is 10 o’clock” “It’s time to wake up, the time is 10 o’clock” it repeats.

Nick wakes up not knowing he left his T.V on. His body slowly gets up and walks over to the bathroom. His blue dreamy eye’s looks into his new built in mirror. He smiles and his reflection smiles back at him. Nick turns his head and goes out the door leaving his white painted door open. He gets out a book and reads a poem, but he doesn’t know he’s actually saying a curse. That night as Nick is fast asleep. A light from the lounge glows bright. The light struck Nicks face, making him wake up. He followed the light into the lounge wondering if he forgot to turn his lamp off. The bright light gets brighter. Nick covers his eye’s hoping he doesn't lose his eyesight. His eye’s grow bigger as he looks at his rug. It’s in the air flying, Nick rubs his eyes thinking to himself “is this a dream or what?” He opens his eye’s still looking at his flying rug.

The rug floats from side to side as it flies through the house. A sound of silence echoed through the house. “I am your new mate now and you need to respect that”. spoke the rug. Nicks face turned into a shock of silence. “I know this is your very first time seeing a rug speak but you need to turn me into the normal rug I was before”. Nick mumbled something under his breathe “And how do I do that?” The rug answered the question “Do you know that poem you read yesterday?” “Yes.” Answered Nick. “You need to say it backwards” said the flying carpet. “Rugs are bugs flying in the night make this rug go back right”. murmured Nick. Nick looked back at his rug. “It worked!!!” He yelled. The rug now laid still and stiff in a thin position.

Nick walk towards his bedroom door looking back at his lounge checking if he turned off his lamp. His body slowly got back into bed. His eyes shut and his mouth left a loud noise.

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