Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I heard scratching but I couldn't see through the darkness...by Faith

In week 5 we had to sit a writing sample test. We were told by our teacher to finish it of and blog our writing sample. Here is my finished product. I hope you like reading my writing assessment

I heard scratching but I couldn't see through the darkness...

Nothing but the stars and the moon that shone in the night. Taking each step which we hoped led us to our destination my back aches while holding our supplies which I call our survival kit.
“Ahhh I'm so tired can we stop now?” Cecilia mourns, her eyes which look like they could shut any minute now
“No we must keep going and we’ll be there soon.” I say it with regret knowing that I didn't know my way around here, I just made a promise that was about to be broken.  
Lifting up each boot which protected my feet, I look around and there is completely nothing I can see. Nothing but Trees, leaves, rubbish and the sound of birds and owls howling in the dark night. I glimpse around and all I see is a great big field filled with grass ‘Yay!’

We finally decide to stop, we pitch our tent and off we doze with a dreadful sleep. With only our jackets and the picnic cloth to cover us, I could feel the breeze of the wind glide through my clothes and push my skin which was now covered with goosebumps, we close our eyes and off we were in a world of peace and silence.

Being interrupted and woken up by an unusual sound I get up and notice that Cecilia isn't there. I panic, my heart skips a beat and my mind goes on multiple journeys on 5 different planet.
“Cecilia, are you there?” My voice cracks, it sounds as if I were trying to squeal.
9 seconds later there's still no reply so I call out to her again
“Cecilia, are you there?”
15 minutes and she's still not back so I fetched for the torch that hung from the side of my backpack and off I go on a hunt for Cecilia.
‘I hope she's alright’
‘I wonder where she is’
I start to panic even more and now my heart feels like its skipping two beats. My ears lift a little hearing that weird, strange sound again and as every step I take I the noise gets louder and Louder and LOUDER! I heard scratching but couldn't see through the darkness...

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Unknown said...

Wow Faith what a great piece of writing. I loved the way you finished it, it left the reader hanging and wanting to know more. It was very creepy!