Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Holiday Description By Deandra

Going To The Beach:

The sun was out and my mind felt like it was frying in a hot pan as I lay down on the hot and grainy sand. But as I lay there I began to wonder what does the sparkling water I see from beyond feel like,
“ Is the water hot and gloomy or is it cold and freezing? ”

About ten minutes later I thought to myself and just stood up and ran towards the clear blue water and as I drew nearer and nearer, and I finally leaped into the air and soared like a bird for only a minute until . . . .
SPLASH!! I had landed in a sea of icy cold water surrounding my warm yet shivering body.

As I stood up, my tongue desperate for a sip of fresh water, had not hesitated and accidently took a whiff of the salt water on my lips. the water dripping from my swimming gear was  but only just loud enough for me to hear the sweet cries of the sea as the waves gushed over the other with no possible ending.

My body was shivering like as if I had seen a supernatural being, but as I slowly made my way through the water I was being pushed over a few times by the strong gusts of winds that blew in the tide and sometimes blew it out. My heart was at a slow pace until I had went back into the water so that I could stop feeling even colder in the blizzard like wind.

After I had enough of swimming in the water I had stood up and walked towards my family unaware of the winds blowing the cold drop of water off of my swimming gear, as I reached for my towel I realised I didn’t need it we 
not yet.

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