Tuesday, August 27, 2013

World War 2: Elephants vs Serval cats by Chasity

World War 2 Begins.....
Darkness  over castered the night as world war 2 started. The great war between two tribes, the elephants and the serval cats began. This took place when an elephant discovered it’s prey the serval cat. Bones, flesh and blood splattered everywhere with no warning as the chief of his own tribe stood on his victim. The war against a chief of elephants and a serval cat which was chief of his own kind began and lasted for many, many years.

Many animals that weren't involved in this war were either killed or tortured for their entire life.I remember when I was a young cub. I remember just lying in my giant hole waiting for the war to stop. But it never ended it kept going.  I could hear my Mother's voice in the distance. Screaming for her life. I cried and cried but no - one could hear me. I was frightened for my life, No one was there to protect me, just myself.

War was still on, Elephants and serval cats were still fighting. You could see the bones and flesh of innocent ones that had nothing to do with this war. Planes passed by dropping bombs, leaving smoke in the air. Elephants ate their enemies, enjoying the episode of eating. I turn my tiny little head towards the right finding 5 serval cats dead, So far the elephant tribe is winning which is a reasonable explanation.

I don’t know whether to move because I’m afraid that the serval cats will find me and eat me for their dinner. I make a  decision and slowly creep across the valley, looking behind me at the same time. Luckily no predator can hear my little feet creeping across. I find a safe place to hide in till morning.

The beaming sun rays from the sun spark my eye’s, telling me to awake. My eye’s slowly open. So far their are only 10 - 11 animals left suffering in the burning hot sun . Looking around I see those who contributed in this war and who, who started it.

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Mrs Fepuleai said...

Great work Chasity. You have really used your imagination well...elephants versus serval cats...interesting. You have used some fabulous description in your writing, describing how the cub is moving thruhg the brush.
How can you edit this story to make it even clearer to you audience? Even the greatest authors edit their work many times to make it near perfect!
Well done!