Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Descriptive Writing Practice by Mavis

Today in class we had to choose a photo to describe I chose a photo with elephants this picture is described by the instructor's point of view ( my point of view.)
I hope you'll enjoy reading my story below:

Desperation was leaking from the audience. Pouring into the heart of magic. Reviving a spark in the roaming eyes of the elephants. Their eyes slightly drowning in the anxiety of hearing two simple words. This feeling is impossible to replace. Ice erupts in my spine triggering a hollow and deep pit in my stomach. Hoping my that I could turn away from the prying eyes.

Literally time freezes Drip...drop...drip..drop...drip...drop..drip...drop.My ears perk at the sound of tapping footstep suddenly followed by flip flop of a woman’s high heels. Her 10 carrot diamond earrings dancing echoing through a long midst of silence. Suddenly a haunting melody envelops me the music makes a quick firm grip onto my ears and as fast it appeared it vanished into the ghostly silence.

The aftertaste of sweat is revolting especially when it slowly trickles into your mouth. My tastebuds whispering to me “Disgusting” I throw a peanut in mouth it was a million times more satisfying then a river of sweat. I swallowed my tongue was craving for more tasty food something better then sweat with a side of peanuts crawling down my throat.

Flickers of light poisoning the blank ground. Everything's a parade now. People are starting to get really comfortable but that's not all I can see the colourful lights are taking over the show. The crowd was still leaning forward. Their eyes perked. The mouth on the verge of opening up to scream. The elephants waiting patiently for my magic words


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