Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Winning by Tupou

The time has finally come to show the world what I have. Standing in the middle of the field in front of camera’s and thousands of fans is making me nervous. All I feel is fear crawling down the back of my spine making me terrified whether I will lose or win for my country.  As I was rubbing my hands together with the chalk I took a quick view around the whole stadium. I could hear all my fans cheering go Tupou go. I can smell people eating hot-dogs from the hot-dog stand near the entrance, then I finally look back down.

I dragged my feet across the ground walking towards the throwing path. I scooped up the shot into my palm and held it tightly. I got everyones attention they all went quiet.
I stood back and threw the shot with all of my strength. I closed my eyes for a second and thought I had lost. Right then I could hear people cheering so open my eyes and had realised I had won.

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